The Amount of Talent That Has Left Blizzard Over the Last Few Years Is Staggering

Ed writes: "The announcement of Frost Giant Studios the other day highlights, again, a trend of Blizzard employees leaving the company in droves."

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TheRealTedCruz42d ago

Blizzard and Bioware. Pillars of the PC since the 90s; both now shells of the companies they once were.

It's sad.

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CaptainObvious87841d ago

I'd argue it's just as much Brack's fault.

That pathetic weassel banned a player and took away his prize winnings for siding with Hong Kong. He wore a 'pride' pin during his non-apology which was cenored in the chinese stream.

He's a hypocritical sell out and I won't be giving a single cent to his company.

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bradfh41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Activision only care about money, when a company doesnt care about their own people that make a game they are not going to care about anything else. People not going to stay with your company that fires your team when the job is done. This is going to be company down fall when you lose your core values.

jeromeface41d ago

Right around the same time Diablo Immortal was announced.. coincidence?

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