The Medium for Xbox Series X & PC Gets New Videos Featuring Dual Reality System & Marianne's Theme

Bloober Team released two videos of its upcoming third-person psychological horror game The Medium for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Obscure_Observer285d ago


Can´t wait to experience such innovative features in a horror game.

284d ago
DJStotty284d ago

Can't wait for this one myself, one of my must have's for the Series X!!!

Jericho1337284d ago

Glad that most of the gameplay is in one world or another. As technically impressive as a simultaneous dual world is, I can also imagine it being quite jarring.

Chriswheeler22284d ago

That didn't answer any questions I had lol.

Not sure how I feel about this one. Looks like walking simulator horror type which aren't my thing.

The_Sage284d ago

Not completely sold yet. If it turns out to be good I might pick it up when it comes to PS5.

InUrFoxHole284d ago

When does it release on ps5

The_Sage284d ago

There is no release date for the PS5 version as far as I know.

DEEHULK88284d ago

They never said it was, but my guess would be 6 months to a year after release

InUrFoxHole284d ago

I'm assuming it will. because he mentioned the game was possible because of the next gen consoles.

mark_parch284d ago

This is another example of a game that looks pretty good but I'm not sure I would want to drop money it but thanks to gamepass I don't need to. same goes for scorn

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