Top 5 Non-Exclusive Games To Get You Excited About The PS5 And Series X/S

With all the talk about Xbox Series X/S and the Sony’s PlayStation 5 launching this November, it can be hard to keep up with all the games that will be released as well on both next-gen platforms!

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bornthisway42d ago

The author clearly did not play the cw beta last weekend.

Rachel_Alucard42d ago

"Non exclusive"
"AC Valhalla"

Might as well be with how awful EGS is with 2 layers of DRM now. Steam would have the same thing, but at least you have an incentive to buy it there.

anast42d ago

AC is going to be filled to the max with MTs, not really looking forward to that. One of my favorite historical themes and probably going to be a beautiful game, but those time savers kill it. The game is going to be grindy.

41d ago