Xbox Series X Auto HDR tested - what works and what doesn't?

Thomas Morgan of DigitalFoundry writes, "Auto HDR is the latest enhancement, drawing on a machine learning algorithm to add HDR to the majority of its back-compat titles on all Xbox systems. The question is - how good is it? Can it really compare to a native HDR implementation?"

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Obscure_Observer38d ago

Another amazing, unique and innovative Series X/S feature!

NEXUS-638d ago

Still no 1st party games at launch - thats the best feature, and people are happy about it haha.

Demon3738d ago

*sigh* this is so boring to hear. Not everyone plays the same way, I have plenty at launch to play Cyberpunk, Watch dogs, Halo and gears. I'm not worried about 1st party games as when they do eventually come, they will be added to gamepass at no extra cost to me.

NEXUS-638d ago

Gunstar - is that the same game thats already available on PC?

Demon37 - sorry to be the bearer of bad news - new console = new games. This is a no brainer, seems the years of water boarding by ms has paid off. Y'all are happy they don't have new games for you, and are actually defending it.

You'll be playing the lower end version of Cyberpunk, halo and gears aren't new. Nothing to be too excited about I would've thought.

Mind well and truly blown.

Bigman4k38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Yeah not lauching xbox series x with no 1p games that goes to show you Microsoft still got alot to learn

Atom66638d ago

They do have Gears Tactics.

But we all know that they were focused on Halo. Its delay certainly hurt their launch lineup, but they'll sell out of HW regardless during the early window.

You can keep beating that same drum if it makes you feel better, but the people who want one probably aren't swayed by it. Spend your time as you see fit, though.

darthv7238d ago

Nexus, there are lots of first party games to play for the launch of the SS/SX. They range from og xbox to 360 to xbox one and soon... series class titles. I'm happy that new hardware is coming out. It will make those old games feel new again. And new games will come when they are good and ready.

NEXUS-637d ago

darth - oh man, I fell sorry for you and every xbox gamer.

Does anyone remember the excitement before the first when ms were going to blow the world away. Pffft - nothing.

Then it was - that was a 3rd larty show - wait for the 1st party show. Then the 1st party show came, pffft - nothing.

And what things even worse was everything was running on PC, even 3rd party titles.

Fast forward to now - 3 weeks out from launch, and you staunch xbox defenders saying that old games at launch make them happy. Hahaha.

You're very well trained and could get a job in the shill media.

Because I'll bet my left spud, if this was Sony or Nintendo releasing a console with no 'NEW' 1st party games alongside it - the media would be having a field day.

RedDevils37d ago

You mean the same game can be play on xbox one X?

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talocaca38d ago

Innovative: It's similar to what you get with LG 4K TVs 🙄

38d ago
Eyesoftheraven38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

I don't think it is. LG 4k HDR tv's "HDR Effect" picture profile stretches an SDR image from SDR data as far as SDR will go within the set's SDR capabilities. This leads to severe loss of detail in highlights. Which for SDR on LG OLED's is around 300 nits (120nits full white field). Whereas in HDR mode it can be up to around 750nits (10% window).

This actually allows for HDR levels of max nits and likely relies on games' native HDR pipeline (many games, even old ones, actually render with HDR potential, they've just so far been restricted to outputting in 8-bit and with limited contrast. And so have been artistically created with that in mind. This auto HDR should not result in massive clipping of highlight details. I suspect a slight washing out of colors and some clipping in some titles but that depends on many factors.

Obviously for great HDR, realistic materials, shaders, and lighting are important but as far as strict expanded contrast is concerned, it's not a requirement.

Source: I have an LG c9 77"

crazyCoconuts37d ago

I have an Auto HDR more on my projector as well. I noticed similar issues on some games as what DF reported with Xbox's implementation, so I keep it off.

Profchaos38d ago

Yeah I'm buying a PS and honestly after my experience with the X1 I'm not willing to jump back into the Xbox pool for a while deep sale on the console purely for this feature I love the idea it's fantastic my current X1 is still on my tv purely for BC so I can see myself buying a series X to have improved BC down the line

alb189938d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Well, I think is brilliant.
The majority on n4g prefer to own their games to revisit and collect them and what better that give value to these old games. In my case what I give value from these is that I haven't play some of dose and I can play it on gamepass now at 4k, hdr, 60+fps stable and some even with Ray Tracing...for free!!!

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darthv7238d ago

making old games feel new again... thanks Microsoft.

NEXUS-638d ago

Thats what they want #demandmore

DJStotty38d ago

No Nexus, that is what the XBOX FANBASE want, you do realise there is a dedicated site to request features on xbox right? And topping that list years ago was backwards compatibility?

I'll link you to it,

As an xbox insider, you get to test the new updates before they are launched to the general public

NEXUS-638d ago

Did someone ever ask for new games? A console launch with 1st party exclusives?

Any mention of those things?

NeoGamer23238d ago

Gamers should be demanding more from both Sony and Microsoft.

The reality is probably the two best games I am looking forward to this holiday is CyberPunk and Yakuza. Both games are available on PS4 and XBO. And CyberPunk won't even have a next gen version yet.

MS having Gears Tactics at launch is good because it is a new entry into a different genre for the franchise. But lacking a game that will have broad appeal at launch is an issue. The strategy genre is more for PC gamers then your typical console gamer. And is also shipping for XB One making it cross gen.

For Sony, the next gen only games at launch is Destruction All-Stars and Demon's Soul. Again, two titles that do not have broad appeal. Demon's Soul is truly breathtaking, but nobody can tell me that it appeals to anyone other than very hard core gamers with its high level of difficulty and gaming discipline.

Also, Sony has Spider-man MM and Sackboy's Adventure. Both will have broad appeal. But, both are playable on PS4. So while the PS5 will provide visual improvements, the gameplay engine has to be doable on PS4 so it is hard to call either a next gen game unless you measure the next generation solely on visuals.

darthv7238d ago

Seeing as this particular piece is about auto HDR which is geared towards older titles... I'm not worried in the least about newer games. They will come when they are ready. #patienceisavirtue

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NEXUS-637d ago

darth - haha, thats priceless - ms dud you and literally give them a free pass. Perfect.

SyntheticForm38d ago

Sony: Here's a new building
Microsoft: We repainted a building

Just the vibes lately.

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Eyesoftheraven38d ago

This is great. I hope PC and PS5 get pull this off soon, too.

CaptainHenry91638d ago

You don't have to worry about PC pulling this off in the future

porkChop38d ago

He's talking about automatic HDR for games that don't have HDR support. Have Nvidia or AMD announced that?

boing138d ago

I'm hoping for PS5 to have something similiar too. Even their UI is using HDR. Would be weird if old games would have to switch to sdr when running.

blackblades38d ago

I was watching this I fell a sleep doing so, not going back to it. Hmmm I seem to fall a sleep alot watching these videos from them.

OptimusDK38d ago

Thanks for sharing. Very informative

CaptainHenry91638d ago

Maybe because you want them to announce some new games

Atom66638d ago

So he expected Digital Foundry analysis of HDR implementation to also announce new games?

CaptainHenry91637d ago

Not Digital Foundy but Microsoft

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