HMV refuses PS3 pre-orders unless you buy a PSP too...................for £675

HMV's online store is now taking pre-orders for PlayStation 3 - providing consumers are also willing to purchase a 4GB PSP pack for a total price of GBP 675.

An email sent out to customers today says the deal will enable them to become one of the "lucky few" who will be able to pick up a PS3 at launch. It reads: "At, we've been working with Sony to offer up to 5000 customers an incredible deal when you buy the new Sony 4GB PSP.

"Anyone who takes advantage of this offer will get priority over other customers for the PlayStation 3." The deal also includes two PSP games - Killzone Liberation and Gangs of London - and the price for the bundle is listed as GBP 674.99.

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mucho 995716d ago

man, wow. That's a complete ripoff

MikeMichaels5716d ago (Edited 5716d ago )

....there are only 5000 of these bundles being offered at HMV on top of the exsisting units their selling.

The other roughly 995,000 systems can be purchased without this bundle.

malachi235716d ago

This is not on!, this is why the PS3 will fail...i bet sony put them up to this.

r10005716d ago

Yea your right this is why Sony will fail... because this "ONE" store is deciding to do this, out of the thousand other retailer in the WORLD sell this product

And yea Sony put'm up to it....

Give me a break......

PS360PCROCKS5716d ago

That's ridiculous "If you want our failing PS3 you must also help out failing PSP" ok ok haha j/k so nobody get too worked up over that comment...but seriously if the PSP needs help from the PS3 to sell theirs problems

PureGamer5716d ago

This is HMV not many people buy games from here, sure if your stupid enough to this deal your stupid but why not just go to Game, gamestation, woolworths, w h smith or virgin who let you preorder it for a deposit lol.

MaximusPrime5716d ago

Argos is now taking preorders.

Im waiting to hear from GAME before i preorder from them. I dont care what may happen

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