The Console War is Over. Consumers Won.

Some hoped the console war would end with a giant felled but to borrow from T.S. Elliot, it went not with a bang, but with a whimper.

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potatoseal39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

"The PlayStation brand has more-or-less dominated for 25 years and the substantial experience and talent they have accrued in this time has furnished them with a constant stream of killer apps"

Damn straight. I think we know who actually won. Lets be honest here. But the other companies are just recently playing slightly different games now. Nintendo are finding great success. They carved out their own section. They don't even launch in the same years as the others anymore. They are mostly thought of as a handheld and they're the only one in that market.

The jury is still out on Xbox, because of their current extreme investments and the money pit that is GamePass. The fruits of which still have yet to be seen. But there is great optimism and things seem to be trending up for them and I personally believe, Amazon Luna and Google Stadia don't stand a chance.


'The War For Clicks' by the repugnant and untrustworthy 'Games Media'. They're like those disgusting Arms Dealers who get rich by selling weapons to each of the warring factions in the same war. They Lie. They're fake. They pretend to be concerned about trivial things just so they can write multiple opinion pieces that are designed to 'stoke the fires' of the Console Wars. They make up things to be worried or angry about. They're not beholden to the truth of their own feelings. They're beholden to the almighty click. They make mountains out of molehills constantly.

It's ironic that this person writes 'The Console War Is Over' when their peers would have you believe otherwise. Desperate for this war to stay alive so they can fill their own pockets. Doing nearly everything in their power to keep it alive and well. Scruples be damned.

Of course there are lots of them who have scruples and are just reporting on the news. I guess the bad apples are just so rotten and disgusting that they stand out more than the rest. I don't trust the media at all because of these types of Gaming Websites and so-called Journalists. Always thinking they have some sort of agenda, Whether it's WOKE BS or stoking the Console War flames with lies.

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Popsicle39d ago

Agreed. However, your post is not only relevant to gaming media, but the whole of all media.

CorndogBurglar39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

The console war will pretty much always be a thing. As long as there is competition for all 3 of these consoles, it will exist to an extent.

Despite what people think, there are plenty of people that will only buy 1 of the 3 consoles. And as long as thats the case, all 3 consoles will do what they can to make their console the most appealing.

Even Nintendo. Sure, they are looked at as a handheld by a lot of people. But a lot of others keep it plugged in as their home console. And I always laughed at people on this site that claimed Switch sales didn't count against PS4 sales any time they outsold them or broke a record, because Nintendo and Sony don't give a damn about what gen the console is. All they care about is what products are potentially taking sales away from their current console.

So yeah, as long as a specific company has a product out that is in direct sales competition with another, there will always be competition. And by default, the war will still exist. (Meaning we will still companies payingg devs for exclusivity, as one example.)

And I don't need to mention the fans that are constantly talking trash and hating on other consoles they choose not to buy.

instantstupor39d ago

I am in agreement with what you wrote and its sentiment, but the "console war" rages on with or without games media. Just look in here when an exclusive game pops up for one company or another. When one gets good or bad scores. It doesn't take games media to bring out boasting or roasting, people do that of their own accord.

The games media certainly takes advantage of that by stoking the flames, but they aren't the sole source of the fire by any stretch.

Sitdown38d ago

"But the other companies are just recently playing slightly different games now."

Umm no, they have been playing different games for a while now. Microsoft has always being doing whatever to try and control the living room, and Nintendo has pursuing it's on a way for a while, it's always evident in it's controllers. And perhaps it's the new generation, but even I think Nintendo, my first thought isn't handheld company.

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ZeroBlue239d ago

I know I'm winning with the PS5, Sony never disappoint when it comes to games.

Aggesan39d ago

They did once. The PS Vita disappointed me :(

UltimateOwnage38d ago

It disappointed me, too. Not the Vita though. I loved the hardware, I couldn’t stand the expensive storage and how Sony essentially abandoned it. I’ve been enjoying games that have continued coming out for it for a long time now.

rpvenom39d ago

Unrelated.. I just played Ryse - Son of Rome for the first time on PC last night.. Why hasn't Xbox made another one of this.. or even bought out Crytek.. I feel like this was be a great game to showcase what the Series X can do graphically.. Mind you I only played like 60 minutes so far.. but I feel like there are IP's that Microsoft can revive and would do well to showcase next gen.. but instead they got Halo looking like...

instantstupor39d ago

It's the same reason Sony hasn't made another Order 1886 - these games are incredible visual showpieces, but they reviewed mediocre-to-poor and didn't sell well enough to invest another huge development budget in.

I'd love for either of them to dig up a game like that to give another chance on next-gen, but they pretty much look to new IP to hit big on the first go. If they don't, drop it and move on. The odds of us seeing a sequel to either of those games is slim-to-none, sadly.

Sniperwithacause38d ago

100% im still holding out for a Heavenly Sword sequel.

Ghostbob39d ago

the console wars are worst now than ever so many toxic fanboys on all platforms who don't even game.

franwex39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

People are designed to be tribal. Look at sports team. There shouldn’t be any “fans” of a team-maybe players sure. But we are hardwired to be like this for survival. Politics, nations, consoles, even streaming subs? People pick their tribe and will defend it no matter what.

NotoriousWhiz39d ago

False. Just a vocal minority on all counts. The overwhelming majority of people don't ride or die for a political party, nor a console, nor a streaming subscription, and while many people support a team, they mostly aren't offensively toxic towards others.

instantstupor39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

It's a powerful mix of things. Tribalism. Fear of the unknown/stronger beliefs simply in what you know (or, alternately, falling into the "trusting the devil you know vs the one you don't" mindset). The way we "chunk" information - we take complex topics with many levels of nuance and chuck them into one broader, more generalized category so we can quickly parse information and ideas. It would be almost impossible for us to function without our inherent chunking of information, and then that just further plays into the earlier two points. We also like thinking we've made the best decisions and can act irrationally to defend them.

Not to say that it ultimately lets anyone off the hook for anything - a little bit of perspective and empathy go most of the way to negating most of those more "ingrained" factors. Doubly so for things as relatively trivial as what you do as a hobby lol.

headshotfrosty36d ago

Including race? Tribalism has its downsides

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