Mass Effect Dated... in Australia

The Australian web site has revealed the release date for Mass Effect in the Land Downunder. According the product's web page, Mass Effect will launch down there on May 18, 2007. We don't expect this title to arrive earlier on any territory before it hits North American retailers, so this Australian release date confirms that we can expect this UE3-powered action role-playing game before the four week of May.

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PS360PCROCKS4276d ago

sounds extremely reasonable but why would they only date Australia and I have seen problems with dates on that xbox site before so who knows...but man Forza 2 and Mass Effect in May would be a killer sales month for Microsoft, atleast 5 million, 2.5 a peice

DR GRIM4276d ago

theys not that much info on forza 2 and mass effect. mass effect could flop . they should give it more time and they saying that it will be on one disc only this games going to be to short if it on one i hope it on 3 or 4 disc that will be 36 gigs

Grown Folks Talk4276d ago

and it will continually updated through xbox live. bioware doesn't put out junk. don't worry about a flop.

Sexius Maximus4276d ago

Bioware has officially stated that they plan on making it a trilogy. HURRAY FOR BIOWARE!!!

PS360PCROCKS4276d ago

Ok? so give me reasoning why Forza 2 will suck? That's right cause it won't the first one is awesome this one will be a huge hit and anyone with half a brain knows about Mass effect, trust me huge month

FordGTGuy4276d ago

the KOTOR series this game will definitely not be a flop.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

The games release date is still unknown for now. Trust me this game will be at least 50+ hours. : )

Where are the Avatars, can't see them?

wii604275d ago

yha I think that's all...
oh and by the way just because its on one disc doesn't mean that it's gonna be short