The Outer Worlds On Switch Is Still A Mess, If Somewhat Less So

Rocket Chainsaw: There's some improvements, but The Outer Worlds on Switch is still a mess after its latest improvement patch.

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CrimsonWing6942d ago

I mean it’s the Switch. Ever since the Wii Nintendo has always been behind on tech. I guess the Switch Pro will officially put it on the level of PS4 and Xbone? But then the PS5 and Xsex will be put so it’ll be the same cycle over again.

Outlawzz42d ago

I picked it up on sale for half off. It runs at about wt I expected, so far it's not too bad since I can play it handheld. Switch is the only way to play handheld besides a laptop which I tried on gamepass but it's just annoying to be lugging that around.

vladstad42d ago

there is one other way but its pretty pricey if i remember right. its called GPD WIN Max . heres a vid