Kojima Productions Reportedly Started Recording Music For “Undisclosed Project”

It’s been a while since the release of Death Stranding, so it’s quite natural to assume that Kojima Production has moved on to its next project.

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The_Blue91d ago (Edited 91d ago )

Please please. I hope they bring back that original MGS theme. I think it goes.


Starman6991d ago

Well I hope it surpasses watching paint dry 🤣🤣

neutralgamer199291d ago

Maybe wasn't for you like it wasn't for me but it was in no way a bad or boring game

SyntheticForm91d ago

I loved every minute of it. I did. I thought it was relaxing and I loved the soundtrack and loneliness. Definitely one of my favorite games of this gen.

TheProblem91d ago

I really enjoyed it too. Put over 80 hours into it

bRuud8391d ago

Just finished the game and for me it is a masterpiece. So many memorable characters.

SamPao91d ago

I thought it was a great game too. The ending didnt satisfy me though. Too much plain explaining. Could have put more of the story in the game itself instead of bombarding us with cutscenes.
Still, enjoyed it a lot

Starman6991d ago

Wonderful graphics, strong characters, epic story. Just wish the gameplay had been alot more exciting.. pinch of salt to be taken with comment 😁👍

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90d ago
Brazz91d ago

Playstation exclusive of multiplat. game??? we will see in 2-3 years...

fr0sty91d ago

I don't care if Guillermo feels his presence in Kojima's projects curses the game (because every time they've tried, it got canceled), I still demand he be a part of it! PT must be realized... could you imagine that on PS5 in VR?

8bitRey91d ago

I agree with you fr0sty! As fans we need that colab to happen! I was so f'n gutted when P.T got cancelled. It still hurts man.

Lowkey I understand Del Toro though cause as a Hispanic myself, between Walter Mercado (RIP) and Santeria, our culture is superstitious AF!

FinalFantasyFanatic91d ago

I want a horror game, I haven't played a good horror in a long time.

King_Noctis91d ago

He’s clearly making a music video starring Norman Reedus.

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The story is too old to be commented.