Ghost of Tsushima: Legends is the next Destiny

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best games of 2020, garnering praise from critics and players alike for its tense story and fluid combat. Just last week the multiplayer expansion, Legends, was released, and I can confidently say it is far better than anyone expected it to be. The free content update has pushed Ghost of Tsushima from a one-of-a-kind action RPG to a potentially game-changing MMORPG that could rival Destiny 2.

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ziggurcat34d ago

That's the biggest issue I have with this MP expansion - they took a perfectly good single player game, and turned it into a gear-grinding Destiny clone. They should have just released more single player content instead.

ApocalypseShadow34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Now, I'm all for more single player content. Like playing a Yuna, Kenji(comedy) or Norio side adventure.

But I don't think there's anything wrong in creating a multiplayer side mode. It would be something that even I would consider playing with my cousins.

It's like saying they never should have made a TLofU online mode or Uncharted. And that's coming from a single player gamer. I'd have to disagree with this one but know what you're saying.

TheScotsman33d ago

It's not really needed but yes I'm with you a worth while addition

NeoGamer23233d ago

Ya, the simple answer is, if you don't like it, nobody is forcing you to play it.

-Foxtrot33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I don’t know, I mean the only issue that could come from this is if they do a multiplayer mode in the sequel as part of the game unlike here where they focused on the single player first, releasing the online for free after

I would like to see a single player non canon adventure like Undead Nightmare

SamPao33d ago

They did the same for this. Its not like they just started when the singeplayer was finished and did all the work within 3 months :D

-Foxtrot33d ago

No but my point is the single player came first, they got the foundation of the game done before splitting teams and working on other things. Direction, story, art style, narrative, gameplay was probably all thought up and laid down before co-op started.

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ArchangelMike33d ago

Yeah, I have to disagree with you there. Your comment really makes it evident that you haven't played it.

The first thing about it is that you can play it single player only - if you think you can hack it. Just turn match-making off. You can play all the bronze level story content, and some of the survival mode content solo. However when you get to silever etc you begin to need a co-op partner. But it's definately not a grind at all, as you can basically complete all the bronze level content without even changing your gear setup at all.

jukins33d ago

@ ziggurcat Have you even played it? Its almost exactly like the single player you go do missions just like single player except your companions are controlled by actual people. This is essentially more single player dlc it continues the story of the legends present in the base game.

ziggurcat33d ago

"Its almost exactly like the single player"

Arguably not.

And the fact that they're going to add raids later (and invariably raise the levels so that you have to keep grinding) just like Destiny should tell you that it's just going to be a Destiny/Division-esque gear-grind fest. I've also read people grinding Survival for 5+ hours once they hit the point where Legendary gear is supposed to drop for them, and nothing to show for any of that time spent.

jukins33d ago

Oh so you havent played it? Again ust like in single player the raids will be like the major story missions. But you havwnt played it and would just rather assume, I wonder why. . .

ziggurcat33d ago

Raids are nothing like story missions.

jukins33d ago

Ziggurcat first you havent played it soo how do you know lol. Tell me AFTER you actually play how the major missions aren't like any raid.....

ziggurcat33d ago

They're adding raids, which are not story missions. Survival mode is also nothing like story missions. You run around defending control points against waves of enemies. That's not a story mission, it's a typical MP game mode.

Spenok33d ago

Continues? Well... not really. The devs have said it's the storyteller imbellishing the main story. I.E. instead of one ghost (Jin), there are 4. Each obviously based on one of the main characters.

So no, not a continuation, but just a... change of it to fit a traditional ancient Japanese legend.

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RaidenBlack33d ago

Wait ... why is this comment getting so many downvotes?
Its just an opinion.
So, everybody likes grind-fest now?

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RememberThe35733d ago

Talking down high quality free content for an already amazing game. Wonder why people don't agree 🤔

zacfoldor33d ago

Wait, we can't disagree with someone's opinion?

P_Bomb33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

“ So, everybody likes grind-fest now?”

What grind? The gear you unlock in one mode (co-op story) can be used in another (survival).

Your gear can also be shared among all 4 classes. You don’t need to grind 4 healing gourds. Once you have one they can all use it.

Single player cosmetics carry over to MP. Like your end game armours? Then equip an Assassin and run around like underwear Jin. You don’t have to earn it twice.

Like that healing gourd but wish it had the 50% extra healing perk too? You don’t grind for another, you just re-roll the stat with the thousands of money you acquire by simply dismantling your junk and playing naturally.

Want more challenge, you’ll be rewarded with better stuff. Even if you lose you get gear. The true grind was getting through all the collectibles in SP. Shinto shrines, hidden altars, Pillars of honor, records, artifacts. Sly Cooper outfit took effort.

rdgneoz332d ago

It's not a grind at all. You complete a mission or survival with bonus objectives, you get a bunch of loot. You can then upgrade the loot you like as you get a higher gear score as your gear score rises, as well as reroll stats or perks on the loot to better fit your style. I got a class specific charm at 86, and then upgraded it to 105 to still be able to use it.

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Android33d ago

I beg to differ. It was funny seeing my buddy claim be the greatest samurai on earth and watch him fight 7 enemies at once. Every so often I offered my assistance to which he declined till he met his demise. Prideful warrior till the end. I was in stitches lol

Magatsuhi33d ago

Last I checked the multi-player was separate from the single-player. So how did they turn a good single player into a destiny clone? That literally makes no sense. Seems like you're upset that it gave people something fun to play that you didn't like.

ziggurcat33d ago

"So how did they turn a good single player into a destiny clone?"

By shoehorning MMO MP into a game that didn't need MP or MMO.

Magatsuhi33d ago


You along with this article don't know what an mmo is if you think legends is an mmo. The mp is being praised across the board and everyone agrees that it is well made. Saying that it's shoehorned in speaks levels about how you have no idea what you're talking about.

ziggurcat33d ago

Gear grinding, and Raids are classic MMO gameplay elements, hence why I said MMO. MMO-like or MMO-esque is probably a more appropriate term, I know it's not a true MMO.

rdgneoz333d ago

They released a critically acclaimed single payer game that had a ton of content and a huge world to explore. Then they listened to fans and added a New Game+ mode, and added new stuff to that. Then they released a free multiplayer co-op mode with 0 micro-transactions, a bunch of content, random modifiers to keep things changing, and a ton of free cosmetics to earn. They're working on a 2nd game most likely according to job listings. Also, it's not really gear grinding as you can level up the gear you get and reroll the attributes. If you get 1 item you like or 1 legendary you like, you don't have to worry about getting it again at a higher level or different attributes.

You'll get more single player content in the next game.

Charlieboy33333d ago

The single player is still there....they haven't "turned" it into anything.

ziggurcat33d ago

That's going to be their focus from now on, so yes, they turned the game into a MP title.

zacfoldor33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

The single player was perfect. No changes needed. Them adding a free MMO to the game, that is like the biggest free upgrade ever. I wonder what reviews would have been if that game had launched with this mode available. The game is getting short sold because of metacritic, anyone who hasn't played it, should. It is one of the best games this gen, imo.

ziggurcat33d ago

It's a great game. I had a few nitpicky things, but the overall experience was very good.

I'm less bothered by the idea that MP was added - an expanded story campaign that you could happen to play co-op is fine. it's the grindy Destiny/Division gameplay elements that were added that's the problem for me. It's basically a melee loot shooter.

zacfoldor33d ago

I think our biggest difference is I kinda like Destiny 2 to an extent. I am not totally against multiplayer as a secondary feature, but yes, I'm primarily a single player person.

In this game though, I do believe the single player felt complete. I don't think I would be hyped about new single player stuff because there is just so much in the game already I couldn't even finish it all before I had to move on to another game...and I played for a long, long time it felt like.

Christopher33d ago

I don't see the issue. We got a great SP experience, now others can get an MP experience... for free.

Wrex36933d ago

Please shut up with all this soapboxing bull. It's a really cool mode. And works terrific.

generic-user-name32d ago

What a bad take, there's so much sp content in the base game, you're acting like this update erases the base game and forces you to play Legends.

I hope the do expand upon Legends and make sequels out of it because Sony first party could do with more variety and this is exactly that.

Angyobangyo32d ago

They didn't "turn" the single-player game into anything. The Legends mode stands on its own. The devs already stated that the MP mode was being worked on as part of the package. They could be working on a proper expansion or follow-up that we don't know about. Complaining about something that was supposed to be part of the game, and free is so silly. It is a nice addon that is hardly a Destiny clone just because it is loot-based.

outsider162432d ago (Edited 32d ago )

What the hell? The Single player was awesome. They added new game+. There's so much to do. And now they added free online mode which YOU CAN PLAY OR DON'T.
gtav, rdr2, uncharted, thelastofus all added or already had multiplayer in it along with their amazing single player.

If you don't like it just don't play it. Simple. Jesus. No one's putting a gun to your head and forcing you to play it. It's just an extra added mode.

cell98932d ago

Dude it’s free content to an already amazing game. Anything extra is icing on the cake

FyBy32d ago

If only issue with this MP mode is that it isnt SP, it is probably damn good!

Edito32d ago

Can you still play the good perfect single player game? Yes. Does it interfere with the MP game? No. Does anything have to do with anything? No. The wtf is the problem here? Explain please, because the problem with destiny is the fact that the main game is everything MP and SP and it's crap now... While in GoT the SP will always be there perfectly intact... do u get it?

CorndogBurglar32d ago

They didn't "turn it into a gear-grinding Destiny clone". The single player is still there. It didn't get turned into anything. They added another mode. A very well done mode.

ziggurcat32d ago

"They didn't 'turn it into a gear-grinding Destiny clone'."

It being a different mode is irrelevant. That's their focus for the game, now... so yes they did.

PrinceAli32d ago

Biggest load of bullshit ive read here!

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Gamerking8233d ago

I’m not into multiplayer at all , but this was free a separate trophy list from the main game and free . So I don’t see the problem with this at all . This is how games should do the multiplayer part on single player games .

ArchangelMike33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

But the best part is that you can turn off matchmaking and play the game single player only if you want. You probably won't get through the silver and gold level content, but you'll easily get through all the bronze story content solo.

Gamerking8233d ago

Nice Thsnks defo going to give it a go.

EugeneZH33d ago

I love playing multiplayer with my friends. But they should do really good work on class system and overall quests. It gets quite boring after 10+ hours of game play

Spenok33d ago

I haven't been able to find ANYTHING about future content for Legends. Other than the upcoming raid, we have no idea if they will continue to expand on it and give players reason to keep playing it.

Boring? Not so much imo, but repetitive for sure.

instantstupor32d ago

If you get an additional 10 hours of fun content on top of the game you already played and enjoyed, that sounds like an excellent bargain to me lol.

If they are going to do much more with this, something tells me they'll save more of their ideas for the next game, and given Legends was so well received you have to assume it'll be present in the sequel.

EugeneZH29d ago

I would gladly pay for the DLC if only it was interesting and developing in future and did not remain at the level of an endless grinding.

343_Guilty_Spark33d ago

smelling the GAAS from this game.

solideagle33d ago

what a ridiculous statement!

what about halo's 10 year plan?

343_Guilty_Spark33d ago

What does that has to do with GAAS of TSUSHIMA?

Rhythmattic32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

GAAS has nothing to do with Ghosts... Unless its going to Game Pass?
All I smell is Salt pungent , I can almost taste your tears.

FB's have no etiquette , Its people like you that allow me to respond at a low level.... I dont like doing it... But it just has to be done, and you are the prime example.,

No comment you make is ever adding to the dialogue, but a ruse to a debate , as like debates, You must fight for YHES/NO , whatever your beliefs , but you, are the epitome of emotional preference, and without knowledge beyond what your piers create as lore...

I grow weary of your insolence.... After a hard day of responding to Ftards... Must rest in bed to respond more....
Oh.. and 343 , Heres my R soul.

zacfoldor33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

It is a huge, complete single player game that never even implied I need to spend a dime on MT. The free multiplayer makes it better, not worse, seriously.

instantstupor32d ago

Sucker Punch Productions shared the news with IGN, stating: "There are no microtransactions in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, and we have absolutely no plans to add them. All of the content is unlocked through play."

If they were going for GaaS, they screwed that up pretty royally with not having any way to further monetize it lol.

Spenok33d ago

GoT is in ZERO way an MMO... What!?

instantstupor32d ago

This author doesn't know either. Other than the tangential, surface correlations between the two games, they are obviously nothing alike.

This author is basically saying "if they take the core of Legends, and keep adding to it, and keep adding to it until they completely change it to be like Destiny, it could be a Destiny killer...or it could go down a dark path".

Wow. That leap could make just about any argument for any game dethroning any other game of any genre lol.

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