Xbox Series X's Scorn Has Gross Monsters And Strange Weapons In New Gameplay Trailer

Here's an exclusive look at 14 minutes of new gameplay for the horror-FPS coming to the Xbox Series X.

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n-skyline43d ago

Looks boring based on this video.

4Sh0w43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Nah, it looks great, love the atmoshere & interactions with the weapons. Looks interesting in a Resident Evil + Bioshock kind of way in between the fight scenes...I do think we need to see more combat but I'm thinking this is the beginning or like I said in between a boss battle or something just so we get a good look at the game itself visually= it looks really really good which I like but now Im hungry for more.

PrinceAli43d ago

What do you mean nah loool.. he literally states his opinion and your reply is 'no' LOOOOOL what a maniac!

Smok9143d ago

PrinceAli, it’s called a disagreement. Welcome.

4Sh0w43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Yeah PrinceAli have you ever had a conversation with someone and disagreed by starting with "nah". Neither of our opinions are gospel, I was just noting that the atmosphere & weapon interaction was enough to hold my attention so >I< did not find it boring, thats all so relax bro.

Obscure_Observer43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Looks amazing! Love the atmosphere, sense of loneliness, isolation, lost, plus the beautiful and disturbing visuals that are another thing to behold. Can´t wait to explore this game and uncover its dark secrets. O.o

Matpan43d ago

@PrinceAli a maniac, really? for not sharing an opinion? Wow... I can't imagine what would your reaction be if someone "strongly" disagrees with someone else's opinion...

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TheProblem43d ago

So is this really really series x footage? Or will it turn out to be pc

CaptainObvious87843d ago

Don't know why you're getting disagrees, that's MS's MO.

Jerlemar43d ago

The video says "Game footage captured on Xbox Series X hardware."

But everyone who reads this: "Disagree" lol

slavish043d ago

it will tell you if u actually watch the video

TheProblem43d ago

I know what the article says. It doesn’t invalidate my comment

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roadkillers43d ago

I agree, the whole environment looks the same to me.

UnHoly_One43d ago

Good point. It’s really unusual for a game to have a 14 minute section of gameplay that all takes place in one consistent location.

I mean, why didn’t we get to see every location in the game in that amount of time?


roadkillers42d ago

^ lol, as in I would have no idea where the hell I am going or where I have been. It's all a red blob.

cfir40d ago

I like the art style (big fan of H.R. Giger), but I'd agree, if that's the best gameplay they've got to offer then it does look like a bit of a snooze fest. Hopefully there's much more to the game than shown.

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RaidenBlack43d ago

Looks more "polished" than the earlier footage(s).
But still not sure of the art-syle.

CrimsonWing6943d ago

oof, yea that was boring as hell to watch.

yarbie100043d ago

Lemme guess....walking simulators are cool now?

Software_Lover43d ago

Lemme guess ...... walking simulators aren’t cool now?

I don’t buy/play horror games so it is a no go for me either way.

X-Alchemist43d ago

Lol if this was death stranding gameplay (which is literally a walking simulator) I bet you’d all be singing it’s praises. Get a grip, you’re all bitter because it ain’t a ps5 game get over it.

boing143d ago

Bitter because of Scorn? Why? This game looks like it will be forgotten extremely quickly. There is nothing that stands out, except for art direction. Do you honestly believe this is how next-gen experience should play?

42d ago
UnHoly_One43d ago

Come back when you’ve watched more than the first twenty seconds.

StoneyYoshi42d ago

Watched the whole thing but its still kinda boring to watch for me (maybe different when you are playing it 🤷🏻‍♂️). Graphically it looks wonderful but it looks as boring as it did when it was a failed kickstarter back in 2014. Even Pewdiepie (I heard he helped fund the game too) playing it on YouTube didn't help it gain traction 3 years ago and they basically went silent after that to the point I forgot it existed until it was shown off a few months ago.