The Xbox Series X/S Exclusives That Make That Preorder Worth While

Not to be out shined, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has been announcing their exclusives as well, for the consoles release in November 2020.

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crazyCoconuts44d ago

"Not to be out shined" but here's a bunch of exclusives that won't come out for another year or more. OK.

GamerRN44d ago

Both systems are pretty light on decent exclusives this year, but Sony definitely has the edge right now

TheProblem44d ago

PS5’s first year will have miles morales, demon souls, ratchet and clank, horizon 2 and GOW2

For Xbox, I have my doubts halo infinite will make even make next year. Fable along with all other major Xbox games will be 2022 at the absolute earliest.

Xbox release schedule is pretty barren

RgR44d ago

Theyre not light. At least not playstation.

As always playstation brings games every year. They usually have a few outstanding games every 12 months.

Xbox has halo that may end up disappointing tremendously and then they have games to be released several years later.

Meanwhile playstation will be releasing amazing games every single year without fail.

343_Guilty_Spark44d ago


Miles and HZD will be PS4
Rumors are Demon Souls will be too
Demon Souls can also be played in 4K on PS3 emulator

Ratchet looks great

sinspirit44d ago


Seriously? If you're bringing emulators into this, then you just gave no reason for any XBox ownership at all.

Emulators, especially PS3, requires a beefy PC. I know because I have Demons Souls running at 4K with a 60fps tweak. But, I turn it down to just below 1440p to get rid of the frame-pacing issues.

"Rumors are.."? Who cares what the rumor is. Wait till results and official details come out.

Dragonscale44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

And xbox has been light on decent exclusives for years lol.

ziggurcat44d ago (Edited 44d ago )


"Miles and HZD will be PS4
Rumors are Demon Souls will be too"

No. Demon's Souls is not going to be on PS4. The retailer in the original article posted here doesn't even list the game anymore: - it is only listed there, now, as a PS5 title.

And if you go through the link from the Twisted Voxel article, the image is broken, and it says "This product is currently not available":

Also, Sony Germany already debunked the rumour:

We have now received feedback from Sony Germany. Accordingly, the product entry should be a mistake or wishful thinking on the part of the retailer. Demon's Souls will continue to be released exclusively for the PS5 on November 19th. In the US, among others, the game will be available on November 12th through the earlier PS5 launch."

And someone followed up with a different retailer that also listed it as a PS4 title, which got this response:

potatoseal44d ago

Has the edge? --- They own the whole space ---

44d ago
GamerRN42d ago


Horizon 2 and GOW 2 are nowhere in sight... So we have Miles Morales a dlc standalone, Demon Souls, a remake, and Ratchet and Clank... I'm actually most excited for the Destruction Derby game

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CobraKai44d ago

Remember tho, MS is focused on a steady revenue stream with Game Pass. That’s their #1 priority, not exclusives.

Dragonscale44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

And their no.1 bad idea. Exclusives over services every time.

LadyTrish43d ago

Stream can only flow if if Microsoft put good games on Game Pass

CobraKai43d ago

@Lady. They’re depending mostly on their back catalogue of Xbox/360, and multi platform games. As long as they got new multiplats coming for the XSX, they don’t care about exclusives. I think they want to avoid “only on Series X” when a PC gamer or X1 gamer fires up Game Pass.

King_Noctis44d ago

So once those exclusives arrive, what will be the next excuse?

phoenixwing44d ago

There won't be any excuses it'll be an actual competition then

neutralgamer199244d ago


Let them arrive xbox fanbase has been playing wait till next E3 got past 7 years and sadly this year there wasn't even that E3 hope

And the 2 shows by ms were bad to say the least

King_Noctis44d ago

"Let them arrive xbox fanbase has been playing wait till next E3 got past 7 years and sadly this year there wasn't even that E3 hope"

I might be wrong, but weren't MS Flight Simulator, Ori 2, Bleeding Edge, Grounded, Gears Tactics, Age of Empire 3 DE, and Tell Me Why got released this year? So we have to pretend that those games don't exist?

343_Guilty_Spark44d ago

Who cares why you feel like you need to bring up PS5 in every article?

Juvia43d ago

Probably for the same reason M$ gets brought up in every Sony article. It's what people do here.

43d ago
DJStotty44d ago

quite sure Scorn says November 2020?

And yeah they are not out till next year or the year after? can not see how that bothers you so much.

And there are so many exclusives not listed in the article.

StoneyYoshi43d ago

End of the scorn gameplay video says 2021.

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KingofBandits43d ago

Agreed. Sony has a much better release window even if some of them are PS4 and PS5. Its kind of sad that MS's entire launch hinged on Halo Infinite..I mean yes Xbox has always leaned on Halo a bit hard since day 1 but this time it really feels like their entire plan was push Halo and hype up backwards compatibility and game pass

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potatoseal44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

This opinion piece comes across as desperate and pathetic. They are multiplat games, they're all coming to PC.

Some have no release dates... or even release YEARS.

BrainSyphoned44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I like to reach for punchlines in my comments but it doesn’t seem humane to do even basic mockery here.

mkis00744d ago

MS has a good PR engine going for it right now thats for sure.

NEXUS-644d ago

It is tiresome - but expected, especially when you don't have any 1st party games releasing along side your console.

Something like 16 or so studios and not one can have a game ready by launch.

Boom - start the positive PR flood.

GamerRN44d ago

23 studios, most purchased within 2 years. A good game takes a little longer than that. Be patient.

If we can wait years for God of War to become a great game, then we can wait for these studios to produce...

PS, God of War is a great game... Didn't care for the earlier ones

NEXUS-644d ago

GamerRN - you're way too generous and forgiving. ms has had 16 or so studios this whole gen - what have they produced? A few sequels, a GAAS title and whatever came in between has quickly fallen into obscurity.

It is quite clear ms lacks the leadership and management at its top tier studios.

They really are a distant 3rd when it comes to 1st party games, and bolstering their first party studios to 23 ain't going to fix that.

The Wood44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

The excuses will be as prevalent as the faux positive pr.

Microsoft has had as much time to prepare software as Sony and what makes it worse is that Sony are still releasing quality this gen whilst Microsoft have clearly been twiddling their thumbs for a while now. It's fair to assume their drop off from this generation was due to the fact they were cooking for next generation. . . . . . Clearly this wasn't the case and it will hurt them despite what the delusionists claim. Who on earth is that cooky to think releasing a new console costing half a bag would thrive without exclusive games for up to two years. . . . . Good luck mate

Chevalier44d ago

Its kind of sad when you got people saying crap about Demon Souls or how games for PS5 are also available for PS4. Yet those same idiots go rave about old Gears 5 and Halo MCC collection running higher frame rates like its some kind of great thing.

Seriously the rope those idiots are handing to Xbox is insane. They were close to Playstation all generation in studios and did they produce as much? Nope not even close. If Nintendo could manage to release more exclusives in 3 1/2 years with LESS studios than Xbox in 8 years then wtf is Xbox even doing? So Xbox will have more games in what 3 years? Do they think Playstation and Nintendo studios won't also make games in that time?

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Bathyj44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

The media is trying so hard to make Xbox seems relevant. It's so transparent and a little sad. .