The Xbox Series X: A Full Deep Dive Hands-on Preview | COGconnected

COG writes: We here at COGconnected were lucky enough to get our hands on the Xbox Series X. After a couple of weeks of caressing, stroking, and eventually playing, we decided to give you our full impressions on Microsoft's latest beast.

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Bathyj43d ago

No thanks. I'm sick of talking about hardware.
Need to start talking about games.

EasilyTheBest43d ago

There's ton of 3rd party game's some which look really good. Most of these game's will look at their best on the Xbox Series X unless you have a really expensive PC.
The Xbox has plenty of 1st party games to follow plus theres the amazing Gamepass with 100s of games to play that has got cheap entry price.
Theres more than enough games for me...

Bathyj43d ago

I'm never getting ganespass, I'm against it on principle I don't want the gaming industry to turn into GaaS. I can already play the 3rd parties on the console I actually want, and the notion games will look drastically better on Xbox is a faded myth. If Microsoft want to get former fans back they need to make high quality exclusive games.

Charlieboy33343d ago

What are you talking about? The 3rd party games that have been compared on both show that the XBSX and PS5 perform identically with regards to framerate and resolution. In fact there are games that ONLY have raytracing on the PS5 version while the XBSX doesn't ( to be patched in later apparently ). So how can you with a straight face say ''Most of these game's will look at their best on the Xbox Series X'' ? Are you ignorant or just dumb?

pedrof9343d ago

@Charlie Which games have been tested? And which have only RT on ps5?

EasilyTheBest42d ago

Bathymetry You may never be getting Gamepass & you may not like it but you have to except other ppl love the service. Microsoft have made a commitment to make high quality exclusive games. They just spent over 7 Billion Dollars on a load of studios. Where have you been?

Bathyj41d ago

When I see high quality exclusive games, and lots of them, I will change my tune and buy an Xbox. Not before. My opinion and allegiance is not hard like rock. It's fluid like water. It can change anytime.

But Microsoft need to do that and it will take alot more than buying Devs I don't care about.

Xbox has had no appeal to me for basically 10 years. That's how long it's been since they really supported their console well in my eyes. I have no faith or trust in their abilities or direction so that's why I say it will take a lot and I hate the direction that are trying to force gaming. But we will see. Anything can change. I just don't think it will because they are on a path I don't want to be on.

If you like what you're getting from them then good for you, I'm not trying to stop your enjoyment. I just think Xbox gamers need to demand better. Ms have lowered the bar so much their customers are happy with everything because if their lowered expections. You don't mind mediocrity if it's wrapped up in a nice cheap service.

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Charlieboy33343d ago

@Pedro The developers themselves have stated that games like AC Valhalla, Dirt 5, Watchdogs Legion, etc will be running at the same resolutions/framerates on both consoles. One example confirmed to ALSO currently have ray tracing in the PS5 ONLY at launch is Devil May Cry 5: be patched in later since they are obviously struggling to get it to work properly on XBSX.

EasilyTheBest42d ago

What are you talking about Charlie Boy. The Xbox Series X is the most powerful next generation console. I know it hurts but Series X games will look better & future 3rd party games even more so.

curtain_swoosh43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

i think we should start to talk about the games and not the hardware.
hardware alone is not a reason to buy said product.

Rocosaurus43d ago

Actually, at this point i am buying both consoles solely because of the tech and hardware. Most interesting next gen games are 1-2 years away.

curtain_swoosh43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

nice xD but not all of us are that lucky to have money for both xD tech alone isnt enough for me atm

Rocosaurus43d ago

@captain. Sure not everyone can get both consoles. But a large portion of the early adopters will buy their preferred consoles, or both, irresespective of what games are available at launch. The smart choice (not the one i am taking) would be to wait a year or two till there is a solid library of next gen games.

curtain_swoosh42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

...i think u meant me?
mh yea fair xD

i hate how u cant reply to some comments on this website ha