Snipers continue to ruin the Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War beta's multiplayer modes

Kill Confirmed suffers from overtuned snipers every year, and the Cold War beta follows suit.

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NomadR3aper37d ago

If you have a good team a couple of players can sit back and snipe while the others complete objectives. Sniping isn't cheating, it's a part of war. I stopped playing COD after I sniped someone with a 50cal at 400 yards only to not kill him, he then shot 2 rounds with a handgun same distance and killed me. BS and unrealistic.

Akira202037d ago

"Sniping isn't cheating, it's a part of war." Not sure what wars you're referring to, but I've never heard of a sniper jumping up and down like a rabbit while quick scoping numerous times within 10 seconds. :/

kneon37d ago

The mechanics of most FPS are just ridiculous. I preferred the slower, more realistic feel of KZ2. But all the cod kids whined and they changed it for KZ3.

instantstupor36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

From the article:

"Rather than contribute to the team's score, there are too many players that prefer to sit back in the buildings on Miami, or lurk in the dunes of Satellite and snipe across the map."

The issue is that that many people will actively ignore the actual objectives of any given match type to snipe from the safety of a camping spot from across the map. 4 of the 5 match types in this game require more than just killing the other team in order to win, but people (snipers specifically) will ignore those either to guard or just to get kills.

No sure where the true issue lies. Is it simply including sniper rifles in modes where they shouldn't be? Are they simply too powerful & enticing players to guard from a distance instead of actively participate? If people ignore given objectives that are required to win, are the game modes just not fun enough as they are?

Sniper rifles are a problem, but it sounds like there are several factors to consider in why that actually is.

Rikimaru197737d ago

lol, get rid of the quick scoping.

SyntheticForm36d ago

CoD is a business for too many now. It's not even a game anymore, in that nearly every aspect of its design caters to influencers who sway kids to buy the game as well as different player camos, finishers, skins, etc.

Have you seen these channels? Hell, many of them openly cheat and nobody bats an eye. Every day some "influencer" posts a video with flashy thumbnails reading "NEW" (nothing's new its just gunsmith variants and skins) accompanied by gameplay which often shows them cheating.

CoD used to be great - now it's GFUEL.

RCslayer36d ago

Influencers are a joke, they influence bs and other people follow their garbage. They influence after copping others. AKA Tiktok, mostly a bunch of kids who lipsync sh!itty music and dance like someone who is high on drugs, what the world has come to hey.

RCslayer36d ago

F$%K Quick snipe, always has been a joke and always will be. Its spammed to sh!T