Xbox Remote Play on IOS Delivers Good Game Streaming | Gamerheadquarters

The latest streaming option for the Xbox platform, that being Xbox Remote Play which allows you to mirror your console on another device delivers some a good connection with easy use.

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Ghostbob43d ago

Is anyone actually using this no one is talking about it's like it went dead

potatoseal43d ago

Playstation had this ages ago and nobody really talked about it then either. It's because no one really uses it.

Tacoboto43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I've been using it in bed before sleep the last two nights.

It's the least-reliable remote play between Steam, PS4, and this. Odd audio popping/crackling that is irritating and unavoidable. Somehow my controller was extremely sensitive and I couldn't move the dpad even just one space, it would move 2-3 buttons every tap. My Xbox is plugged in through Ethernet and my iPad is on 5G WiFi, there shouldn't be these odd connection issues

And for all MS' hype over backwards compatibility, Xbox and 360 titles are excluded from remote play.

It's like... Eh, it exists, finally

Jericho133743d ago

If you’ve got a missus at home who hogs the tv then this is the perfect solution.

crazyh0rse43d ago

was using it at work last night on my iphone and android phones it works well. going to buy the razer kishi soon

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Ausbo43d ago

Spent 4 hrs last night at work playing carrion and it worked like a charm. Can’t wait to continue.