Here are the PC graphics settings for Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft has revealed the PC graphics settings that will be featured in Watch Dogs Legion.

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Father__Merrin43d ago

Watchdogs 1 and 2 were awfully optimised for a locked 60fps gameplay on pc.

Computersaysno42d ago

They weren't awfully optimised, it just had a couple very demanding settings. The main option that really hurt the game hard was the levels of screen space reflections, which the consoles simply didn't have as it was too much for them. On PC this extra option could tank performance without a high end GPU. With it off, the game flies.

If you pump up everything to ultra it becomes extremely demanding since the quality is miles above what the consoles could do.

Watchdog's 2 had a temporal filter option on PC that was superb and it needed to be turned on if you wanted ultra everywhere else. You could get the SSR on a decent setting with that turned on.

Father__Merrin42d ago

2 was better than 1 though . on fps the first was awful wel have to see if the 3rd is better.

King_Noctis42d ago

Watchdogs 1 ran good for me. Watchdogs 2 on the other hand needed 16gb of RAM (for me anyway) or the game would stutter like crazy.

Norman_9839d ago (Edited 39d ago )

the game would stutter like crazy.

Norman_9838d ago

Filter option on PC that was superb in Watchdog's 2.