PS5 Accessories Release Date is October 30th via Best Buy (You Can Order Them Now)

Best Buy will be selling the PS5 accessories this month.

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TGGJustin38d ago

Yep got emails earlier that all of mine were moved up. Hard to believe that I'll have PS5 stuff in my possession next week.

YodaCracker38d ago

I saw an email from Best Buy saying “your item has an updated release date” and first thing I thought was they pushed back my PS5 preorder. Relieved to see it was for the headphones!

mynameisthumper38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Oooh neat :) gonna get a headset!

jznrpg38d ago

I’ll have my controller charged! charger , headset remote and camera waiting to be plugged in . I also got an extra controller with console so I’ll only need one more for my youngest but maybe I’ll buy them a PS5 later next year if they try and take over my PS5 . Can’t wait for the console itself I have Demons Souls, Sackboy and Destruction All Stars coming with it . I am guessing you can play Cyberpunk 2077 on it without upgrades (though load times should be much better) I have a collectors and regular edition for that as well and Scarlet Nexus I think. I’ll probably play Ghosts of Tsushima again too ! Damn I’m happy winter is coming because my wife doesn’t care if I play games a lot more during winter there’s nothing to do besides shovel snow . Ok hype rant off , hope everyone gets there PS5 on time !

Mr_Luke38d ago

Not here in Italy :( BUT my PS5 will be in my house on the 12th instead of the 19th of November :D One week earlier is a good thing :P