Xbox Series X Seagate Expansion Card teardown

The Xbox Series X Seagate Expansion Card adds 1TB of storage for $220. But what's inside it to justify that price, come find out.

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darthv7241d ago

Looks like if they want to go to larger than 2tb cards, they need to change their NVME chip in the memory card. Which actually opens the door to 3rd party compatible cards built on other chips and capacities.

Kerppamaister41d ago

They already said more brands and size & form factors are coming. They just needed one to be ready at the start.

gravedigger41d ago

Yeah, but all of them will be proprietary.

soggyfalcon41d ago

It's still twice the cost of other similar SSD's.

Twisted Voxel wasn't trying to analyze the card they were trying to justify the price. They even go so far as you try toi make it seem twice as fast as it actually is.

This is nothing more than propaganda.

Ausbo41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

If you can find a 1tb nvme ssd with the same speed as that card, for half the price, I’ll buy it for you.

soggyfalcon41d ago


It's the same speed as any other PCIe 3 NVME. 2.4GB/s. The retail price is about $100 for a 1tb SSD's with that speed.

Here ya go, it's even the same manufacturer. 1TB $104.99 2,400 MB/s (2.4 GB/s)

I'll expect that to be mailed out with in 24h.

mkis00741d ago


You should probably use google more.

Notellin41d ago


Of course you list a PCI 3.0 controller instead of 4.0 making your argument useless.

RazzerRedux40d ago


Here is the requirements he was given and it said nothing about PCIe 4.0

"1 tb nvme ssd with the same speed as that card, for half the price"

And If your PCIe 4.0 solution runs at 3.0 speeds then what does it matter?

IRetrouk40d ago

☝ this

Nothing more than a price promise

senis_kenis40d ago

pcie 3.0 x4 is the same speed as pcie 4.0 x2 witch xsx uses
and controller on xsx is Phison PS5019-E19T witch is cheap dramless POS and is worst when most pcie3.0 contrellers in nvme's.

someone7240d ago

Its a pcie 4 with atleast 4GB/s speed, not 2.5. (From this very article)

Ive looked into the pricing, its only a slight surcharge for the ease of not having to install shit. I just hope the price declines as the general price does.

gamer780440d ago

He said half the price that’s not even close...

RazzerRedux40d ago (Edited 40d ago )


"Its a pcie 4 with atleast 4GB/s speed, not 2.5. (From this very article)"

Wrong. The article references the speed of CFExpress at 4gb/s. That's not the base speed of XSX SSD. It is 2.4gb/s.

"I/O Throughput 2.4 GB/s (Raw), 4.8 GB/s (Compressed, with custom hardware decompression block)"

"Ive looked into the pricing, its only a slight surcharge for the ease of not having to install shit. I just hope the price declines as the general price does."

Twice as much as equivalent speed storage is twice as much? lol....ok. Suddenly using a screwdriver requires an engineering degree or something?


"He said half the price that’s not even close..."

$104.99 is less than half the price of $220. Are you going by the base price and not the sale price? Ausbo never said anything about it having to be base price at all.

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phoenixwing41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

They could have went pcie 3x4 for less and gotten the same result with a vnand Evo plus m.2 for 180 currently. That's what's in my computer and it does 3.5 gb read

Edit: I may be wrong in thinking pcie 3x4 is cheaper than pcie 4x1 but the memory cards for pcie 3 is definitely cheaper for the consumer

Cueil41d ago

it's just new manufacturing tech... prices will go down significantly

Zeeb41d ago

It's not new at all, it's using a flash that has existed for years and a connector that's existed even longer.

You just got fooled by deceptive marketing.

phoenixwing40d ago

So I did more research on the subject and sequential read write speeds for ssd is 50 percent faster on average according to an article I read when comparing pcie3 to pcie4. So there is a tangible reason they went with 4x1 instead. I don't know how often sequential reading of the ssd occurs in video games but it will provide benefits.

Zeeb40d ago


The port doesn't make a drive faster than it's base speed.

A 2,400 MB/s SSD on PCIe 3 is still going to be 2,400 MB/s when connected PCIe 4.

41d ago
kryteris41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

So you are paying extra for small, should have done the normal form factor or both.
"I believe this is SK Hynix’s new 4D NAND, which stacks its memory cells in 128 layers"

Father__Merrin41d ago

I don't think these will ever be cheap

DJStotty41d ago

Once more brands become available, the price will decrease.

At the moment it is just Seagate, but more are due to follow.

Father__Merrin41d ago

I think the £99 mark would be a decent price for an extra TB

DJStotty41d ago

Yeah that would be a steal, think i paid £89 for my 2tb seagate HDD, so i would shell out £100 for an SSD no probs.

Zeeb41d ago

They won't be cheap until Microsoft removed licensing fees to manufacture them.

The cost has nothing to do with the number of manufacturers if Microsoft is charging $100 for the privilege to make them and blocks any true third party competition.

gravedigger41d ago

Proprietary cards will be always higher priced than regular NVME. Since controller is scrapped to 2 lanes and it's customized, there will be licensing fees.

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