Why Physical Games Are Still the Future of Gaming

KeenGamer: "Physical Games are still the future of gaming! There are a ton of benefits that physical games have offered, which digital games lack. While the next-gen will be moving forward with physical gaming with disc drives present in both the PS5 and Xbox Series X, physical games, in hindsight, are still here for the future."

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lifeisgamesok33d ago

I still remember the days of getting a new game under the Christmas tree, opening case and reading the manual, the best memories

I still like the experience of opening a new game till this day and I just trust physical so much more than digital

KyRo33d ago

Until digital games are cheaper in the UK, I will never buy anything from the PS store brand new when I can buy it online or from a store which charges £15-£20 less to have it physically. 0

ApocalypseShadow33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I look at it like this:

I like digital and have many digital games. It's convenient, saves on physical space which helps the environment and is less stress on using the disc drive. But that's where it ends.

I like physical over digital because It's tangible. I can hold it. It's real. I get a case. Even with ugly pictures sometimes. Reminds me of growing up getting cases and manuals. That was cool times. Mega Man, Zelda, Contra, Castlevania, etc. Read it on the bed, on the throne, take it to school and show others on the bus. That was fun times. You don't get that with digital. I can sell it, trade it, lend it to a friend or destroy it if I wanted to. It's mostly not connected to the internet. I like internet but I don't want to be connected to it 24/7 to use a game or download huge files..

But let's be real. You don't own digital games. Like physically own them. You can't trade them, sell them, lend them to a friend from your account. (Not unless you are sharing an account and buying games together.)

But you know what gets me for those that talk about game preservation? Delisted games. You can always find a physical game. Doesn't matter if it becomes valuable and in short supply. It still exists. Delisted games no longer exist to buy. Can't be downloaded once it happens. You can't go in a store and buy a delisted digital game. You can't get it from a friend. It's gone. Forever. Also, some digital games require internet to function. Don't like that. But you know what would really tick me off? A game has a great level, character or music. And that digital game can be updated with a patch and those things are gone or changed. A physical, offline game would never have that happen. And, as we have seen with Sega games like JSR or Crazy Taxi, music ends up missing compared to the original. Future can't even be re-released without severe compromise on music. I'll take the original and complete music of JSR over any cannibalized re-released version.

Physical needs to stay even though I feel there are individuals that are pushing for its demise.

FallenAngel198433d ago

Shame we need an article to explain what should be common sense

snoopgg33d ago

How many of you like the new game smell when you first open the case?

Shiore2u33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Physical disc media is going to die. Not a matter of if, only when. It's being pushed way too heavily to ignore at this point, by not only console manufacturers but in all other industries, movies, tv, music in favor of streaming and digital download. This will probably be the last generation of consoles that have it.

GreenDragonCVR33d ago

More niche companies than ever exist to press physical copies of otherwise digital-only games: limited run, special reserve, square enix even sells new copies of ps1 final fantasy titles. We imagine digital will be mainstream, but as with vinyl records a market will always exist for physical copies of games.

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