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StoneyYoshi35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I cant stand it when these companies show off DLC before the game has even launched.... 🤦🏻‍♂️ This just tells me they didn't finish the game and needed to put some of the game into DLC for more revenue.

Im gonna call it here. Assassins Creed will become a GAAS in the near future.

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Tacoboto35d ago

2010 called and wants its cynicism back.

AC has been a single-player GaaS game since Origins. Ubisoft has been pretty overtly transparent about that, even with the shipped games still having dozens upon dozens of hours of content in the base product.

jeromeface35d ago

I guess you'd rather them predatorily get your money first before you know what to come after... sorry, that's bad for consumers.

Razmiran35d ago

Really, nothing is enough for some people

Christopher35d ago

The DLC for Odyssey was pretty good and well outside the 100+ hour story of the base game. This is likely the same here.

I just really hope they leave "modern" stuff out of it entirely. The weakest part of the ODyssey DLC were those moments by far.

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anast35d ago

Pre-Day 1 DLC announcement and time savers...definitely going to wait for a steep discount on this one. I can't believe I actually thought about purchasing this over Cyberpunk.

jeromeface35d ago

me neither... that's a horrible call

goldwyncq35d ago

Cyberpunk’s going to have a lot of post launch content too, even more than W3 by their own admission, so...

jeromeface35d ago

doesn't matter, cdpr has a far better track record than ubi. Not to mention creed always goes on sale right away.

anast35d ago

CP2077 is going to MT their game to death and have a pre-day 1 season pass?

thornh35d ago

For those of you about to make comments about "how dare Ubisoft..." you do realize that the pre-orders for this game have been live since April and it was known then that there was a season pass that you got when you purchased the Gold or Ultimate additions. Just like every other game that has a season pass. Ubi has always revealed their roadmap of post-launch content before the release of the game. Personally, I prefer that because I know what I am getting for the extra money I spent rather than buying a game and season pass and finding out after the fact that the DLC is not worth the extra money.

autobotdan35d ago

Cool. Already got the ultimate edition preordered

autobotdan35d ago

Huge typo. I got the Collectors edtion from the Ubisoft store preordered for xbox 1/series x. Not the Ultimate Edtion but the sold out Collector's Edtion with the statue

DEEBO35d ago

Sucker Punch!
Show them how it's done...
Could you imagine the next infamous with multiplayer co-op??
Different conduits with X-Men powers.

But I do have this game pre-order for the XSX so I'm not mad at free content.

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