Why should anyone be excited for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m excited about Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. I’m just not $60 excited.

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Jiub36d ago

I wish I could mow down enemies like that with Link. I am too busy getting my head beat in.

Cuzizkool36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I completely disagree with the author. This Warriors game isn’t just a Dynasty Warriors game with Link slapped on the cover. It was developed closely with the main Zelda team and fills in a complete backstory that was only hinted at in BOTW. It seems to run the same engine, complete with detailed story cinematics. The Age of Calamity story is also fitting for a Warriors game: fighting a war against large mobs. It isn’t a WiiU port, or older remaster/remake, and is the closest thing to a mainline canon Zelda game that a third party developer can make. Why wouldn’t it be worth $60?

... thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Outlawzz36d ago

Im not a warriors fan but the few I've played I've enjoyed. One piece and fire emblem. This one actually fills in some story from breath of the wild so I know it won't disappoint me personally and will be worth the price.

I have a huge backlog but I may skip that and put this at the top.

phoenixwing36d ago

If you want to wait for a sale go right ahead.

instantstupor36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

In general, wise words. I wait for sales for everything - can't remember the last time I bought a game at full MSRP lol. But that's one thing I find problematic with Nintendo created/published games - they take forever to go on sale. And once they do go on sale, the cheapest you'll ever see for them is about $35, but more often it's $40-45.

There are games I'd like to play on my Switch that I feel could be interesting, but I don't buy full price games. I'd buy in if Ninty could eventually drop them to $20 or something - which happens to every other game under every other publisher - even if that took a couple of years. For example, MSRP is *still* $60 for XBC2 and $40 for Torna. Deku Deals tells me XBC2 all time low was $35 physical ($40 digital), and Torna low was $20 physical ($27 digital). 3 years old, and it'd cost $100 right now (and about $60 still at all time lows) to get both. To contrast, Horizon:ZD with Frozen Wilds is MSRP $20 now (with sales of $10).

All that is to say is that in cases like the author outlines, it is likely a game you are interested in - but not at full price - will never hit a price you'd be willing to pay. This game will likely never even hit $30, even 3 years later, so you might never get a chance to play it.

phoenixwing36d ago

@instant if you sell the game after buying it you'll recoup your loss though because they hold in value according to you. Just buy physical.

Outlawzz35d ago

@instantstupor @phoenixwing
Yea if it's a game I don't care to keep I usually sell and it's guaranteed to sell around $35-$40 always and I buy usually at $50. So it's a pretty good deal to me personally.

Nintendo sells them at these prices because people still buy them at those prices. They are the only company I can say I don't mind buying at launch because I know the price won't go down much. All others I'm willing to wait. Is that a good or bad thing? I'm not sure but if you buy Nintendo you know this and the charm that's included in their games is hard to replicate, so it's worth it at least imo.

Knightofelemia36d ago

My one answer KOEI TECMO love their Dynasty Warrior games whish they would make a Dynasty Warriors Gundam 4. I was happy when Nintendo announced that Hyrule Warriors from the WiiU was being ported to the Switch and it is a great game.

JokerBoy42236d ago

Its probably been my favorite game this generation even though its a port.

King_Noctis36d ago

Because it is Zelda? Because it is heavily based on BOTW? Because it takes some of the more annoying features from BOTW out like weapon breaking?

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