Is Valhalla what I want in an Assassins Creed game?

Joey, from Ready Player Gone, writes: "I have always wanted to see Ubisoft venture into this era (Viking) and to experience their take on it, but really, is Valhalla what I want in an Assassins Creed game?"

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anast35d ago

I'm already soooo salty. Lol yeah, if you want pre-day 1 DLC and every inch of your game hacked apart and sold back to you, then yes this is the AC you wanted.

Saviior9535d ago

Ubisoft hasn't been great for this sort of thing, look at Anno 1800.

anast35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah, I think all of Anno 1800 DLCs run around 130 usd + and I don't know if that's including season 2.

Deathdeliverer35d ago

Let’s be clear, this is my personal experience and it means nothing. That being said I haven’t seen or heard of ANYONE hype about this game. I have people at work hype about PS5, Series X, Godfall turned me personally from 😒 to 😊, and even Sackboy has had a few people talking about it since the PS UI reveal. Next gen is almost upon us and I have yet to see anyone give a piece of a damn about this once great franchise. I have been out of the assassins creed series for a while but I didn’t have to be to know one was coming. This time is soooo different. Hopefully it’s just my experience, otherwise this Series might need to rediscover its roots and fast. They killed splinter cell, is this the next casualty?

HarshMarshx35d ago

Great comment, it looks like it's heading that way. I've watched a few gameplay videos and the combat couldn't have left me more disinterested. It's a shame as you would think it's one of the biggest titles being released for next gen, but it looks like it's going to just turn out a flop.

Saviior9535d ago

I pretty much agree. I'm holding out as much hope as I can and if anything, the world might win me over. Who knows really, ill wait for a few reviews probably.

Hellcat202035d ago

I'm ready for it
Day one on ps5
Plus I will also be getting Sackboy, miles morales, Godfall, cold war and cyberpunk 2077 all day one of release dates
Valhalla will be first in my system

autobotdan35d ago

You havent seen anyone hyped about this game?? You haven't been on the internet than

DaGR8JIBRALTAR34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Where? Where on the internet are they hyped about this game? Genuine question.

autobotdan34d ago

Youtube trailers. You guys really don't have internet

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