WipEout PS3 confirmed

WipEout will make its debut on PS3 complete with full SixAxis controls and "maybe" online multiplayer and a stream of downloadable content, according to Clemens Wangerin, development director for Sony's Liverpool-based development studio, where the next-gen WipEout will be created.

A PS3 version is a certainty, and though Wangerin was unwilling to discuss any gameplay details during a recent interview with industry magazine Develop (available for free online), he did speak out on the coder-friendliness of PS3, stating that developing for the hardware had "a learning curve a lot easier" than with PlayStation 2.

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GaMr-4902d ago

Wipeout Pwns fatal inertia. So much for sony loosing that exclusive.

kingboy4902d ago

oh boy! i can still remember how wipeout was fun on ps1

mucho 994902d ago

I hope this game STAYS exclusive, I'm sure that it will be something worth playing

God of Gaming4902d ago

Maybe Online? Why would that even be a concern.. you MUST have online for a game like this.

Shadow Flare4902d ago

This is the kind of game built for motion controlling. How cool would that be. Its also being developed by sony, so this ain't going to any consoles but the ps3

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The story is too old to be commented.