Godfall Five Weapon Classes Feel Different When Performing Attacks with DualSense Controller

Counterplay Games CEO Keith Lee shares how Godfall's five weapons feel "different" with the DualSense controller. He also describes the game's immersion level on a "whole new level."

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Hellcat202040d ago

I still have a hard time believing that the controller will make such a huge new experience on how games will be played.
I can't wait to try it for myself
The anticipation is killing me

jukins40d ago

If you immerse yourself in a game the feedback juat makes it that much better. But yea this is something you'll have to experience for yourself.

crazyCoconuts40d ago

I'm really curious too. The standard rumble is just expected in all games today - I wonder if we'll raise the bar with PS5 and define a new normal expectation from here on out.
I'm also really curious to see how the 3D audio over headphones compares to my 7.1 surround system. Gonna be trying that out with the next COD for sure.

S2Killinit40d ago

I think this alongside the Tempest 3D audio will make a big impact. I can only imagine how walking over ice up in a mountain in Uncharted 5 (I can dream) would feel and sound with the Dualsense.

jukins40d ago

Exactly I think all these combined is whats gonna make the difference. And as of now 3d audio is only supported on headphones which is a downer I guess for people who don't use headphones, but in guessing sony had enough data to determine headphones should be the 1st focus.

That said I think after the newness wears off I think we'll come to expect it utilized in future games I hope devs actually get innovative with it and not just slap em on

Popsicle40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

Sony has attempted to add new tech into there controllers over the last couple of generations and this is the first time I think it may really make a significant difference. When the PS3 was announced I couldn't care less about six axis motion controls, and felt the same about the swipe pad on the PS4 control. However, the introduction of new haptics into this version of the Dualsense is exciting to me, and I believe developers will utilize it far more than motion controls or the swipe pad. Depending on the differences in 3rd party games and the implementation of haptics, I may chose the PS5 version over the Series X simply because the Dualsense should provide a more immersive experience. Because of this I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft will eventually release a new comparable controller to compete with the Dualsense. For the first time in a console generation, I am actually excited about a controller.

nickanasty20640d ago

Do you guys think the tension will actually change on the triggers? If so that is really where i think the game changer will lie in the dual sense.