League of Legends: Is Riot Games making it Pay2Win?

Riot Games is turning League of Legends into Pay2Win, and the community is not happy.

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Vanfernal42d ago

It's not turning pay to win. You can purchase the champions with in game currency as it always has been. What a dumb article.

Viryu42d ago

I haven't played LoL since season 2 or 3, but even when it started and was still limited to NA servers, you could buy characters through grinding currency. It's awkward to see the outrage now, but then I read later on how it kept praising DotA for non-article related reasons...

Vanfernal42d ago

The game has been going on for over a decade with the same business model, it has like 150 champions and you can buy Champs with in game currency known as "essence" that now you can get by playing, exchanging repeated champion shards, doing certain achievements etc. It's literally more viable than ever not to spend money on the game unless you want skins and even those have free alternatives (although extremely grindy). This article is extremely ignorant.

King_Noctis42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I’m really looking forward to this game replacing Mobile Legend, at least in my country. People here really love mobile moba.