Fallout: New Vegas and the Perfect Opening Hour

Jamie Davies of GameGrin discusses why he feels Fallout: New Vegas has the perfect opening, writing: "There’s an art to crafting the perfect videogame opening, and as games get more complex, perfecting that art only gets trickier. Obviously, introductions aren’t important for all games. Nobody’s begging each new Tetris developer to frontload the latest title with an emotional, exposition-filled preamble or anything of that sort. With Tetris, players want to clear lines and they only want to clear lines; anything standing in their way is bound to go down like a staple-filled sponge cake. For a complex RPG like Fallout: New Vegas, however, set in a world of conflicting factions, political turmoil and moral ambiguity, a meaningful opening with a pitch perfect tone is nigh on essential. The question is, does it deliver that? Oh boy, does it ever; it delivers with a radioactive cherry on top."

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