Genshin Impact is much more than a Breath of the Wild clone | Review - SQUAD

There’s been a lot of talk since release about how Genshin Impact is supposedly just a clone of Breath of the Wild. You can find this kind of sentiment everywhere, from big news outlets to the Reddit dungeon trolls. Even those who instantly fell in love with Genshin Impact cannot help but draw comparisons.

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Deathdeliverer413d ago

Yeah it’s a LOT more. It’s a mobile game with energy restrictions on a console and characters like Deluc that cannot be maxed out without a heavy financial investment. I had enough of this on mobile. Would have been a phenomenal game to just purchase and play online. As it stands, hard pass.

Inverno413d ago

I still plan on enjoying it at a slow pace and spend no money on it, but it's designed as a mobile game. I can't blame you for being turned off by the grind put in simply to get you to spend money. Maybe next time they'll consider making a game with a set price, they definitely have the talent to do so

GameBoyColor413d ago

The core gacha loop is trash though. I had a good time up to ar20. Then it just became empty with nothing but daylies to do

Pego413d ago

Not only it’s one of the best clones ever made, it’s also one of the best games of the last decade.