Gabe Newell Is Considering Moving Valve To New Zealand

Gabe Newell interviewed with Xbox's Phil Spencer and journalist Geoff Keighley. The interview's contents are subject to an NDA, but Valve News Network's Tyler McVicker has released some snippets of information from the interview with an agreement of the parties involved.

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Christopher836d ago

He's been "stuck" there during COVID-19 and loved it. He even got together with a few other people to throw a "thank you" concert for New Zealanders.

ApocalypseShadow836d ago (Edited 836d ago )

It looks like a nice place on TV and in pictures. Lots of green. Lots of water. Seems more laid back. First introduction to it was interviews of actors from Hercules and Zena.

And the way things are at the moment here in the US, I wouldn't be surprised that he is considering staying until we get our act together. It shouldn't be the way it is in more ways than one.

Kiwi66836d ago

I'm from the South Island of New Zealand and its not a bad place to live.
From where I live the beaches are only about a 20 minute drive and the mountains are a few hours away.

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BlackIceJoe836d ago

If this happens I can see it only being a good thing for the New Zealand video game market.

I could even see some new video game studios pop up, so I say go for it, because at the end of the day this will lead to more video games being made and I'm all for that.

Michiel1989836d ago

Its really just a formality and has to do with taxes etc, not with making games or anything. No new studios willl pop up because of it.

Bobertt836d ago

Gabe said those reports are wrong he isn't moving Valve to New Zealand but he has applied for a visa in New Zealand.

Michiel1989836d ago

@bob that makes more sense yeah.

DiRtY836d ago

The bigger thing to look out for is:

Why was there an Interview with Gabe Newell and Phil Spencer, which is still under NDA...

Fluke_Skywalker836d ago

That is definitely a good question.

Ausbo836d ago

There’s obviously a partnership of some sort, so it should be interesting to see at what level it is.

Wikkid666836d ago

My money is Game Pass going to Steam.

porkChop836d ago

Could maybe be part of The Game Awards?

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SickSinceSix836d ago

He could at least let us buy Valve Indexes here, still says not available in your country on Steam.

Binarycode836d ago

Do us all a solid gabe. Sell the Halflife I.P so the people that want a new game can have one. cheers

Fist4achin836d ago

Seriously. Valve had such excellent games, HL, Portal, L4D,... Where are they at? Steam takes in so much money that they don't give a shit about those games. Sell off the gaming division already and continue to roll in your profits from Steam.

FlyingFoxy836d ago

Well they released a junk update to L4D2 which wasn't even Valve made because it was a community effort, they managed to make the game worse than it was before and it required an update for years.

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