XIII Reveals New Trailer

Loved the Original and this looks great Microids and PlayMag ic are thrilled to announce that a brand-new trailer for XIII – the remake of the world-famous cel-shaded FPS from 2003 – is now available. This trailer unveils the weapons and gadgets players will be using to achieve their goal.

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RaidenBlack36d ago

They should've chosen a better release date.

Garethvk36d ago

Like with Bulletstorm I would have liked a sequel more but this is a good step.

Christopher36d ago

Man, that is a horrible release date. I'll pick this up down the road, but November through January is all about Cyberpunk for me. And then you have the 3 Ubisoft games, CoD, new games on new hardware, etc.

neutralgamer199236d ago

Waiting for cyberpunk on ps5. Anyone who remembers when witcher 3 launched even though it was nothing short of excellent it still need some major patches for major quality of life improvement. Since cyberpunk is so huge I have no doubt this will be a great game day one but it will be even a better game 6-9 months later

REDGUM36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I play most of my games just the once only then move onto the next one. Satisfaction of completing a game & time frame restraints mainly. There are exceptions but most games just the once. With that said, I'm going to hold out to play this Cyberpunk game with all the bells and whistles on the ps5. If I don only play it once then on the best hardware of choice for me. That said, I did say that too with TLOU2 but just couldn't wait, I get too impatient lol.

SegaGamer35d ago

Not everybody is going to be playing Cyberpunk 2077. I have no interest in it.

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GaboonViper36d ago

Underrated game with a awesome twist at the end, day one buy.

Garethvk36d ago

I hope they do not mess it up.

PitbullMonster36d ago

I'm more hyped for this than for Cyberpunk. I hope they don't mess it up.

aaronaton36d ago

I remember completing this game on PS2 in 2003 and the credits saying 'To Be Continued'. I didn't think though it would take 17 years and look this bad, the original game had better animations.

shabz66636d ago (Edited 36d ago )

this isnt a sequel its essentially a remaster of the original. All those levels in the trailer are engrained in my brain. Played it on a 256mb radeon 7200 at the time.

Garethvk35d ago

Perhaps we will get more but I had hoped for that with Bulletstorm.

Garethvk35d ago

I always hate when they pull a Netflix and do not finish.

Seth_hun36d ago

Every weapon feels so weightless, there is no power in them, characters dont really react.

neutralgamer199236d ago

This game wasn't about realistic weapon weights. This is more arcade like feeling weapons wise

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