Yet another Dreamcast game hits the scene

Dreamcast isn't quite dead yet. Karous (or Crows, in English) Milestone Inc's new Shooter published by Sega, has appeared on Sega of Japans website. As you can see by the case the game is going to be sold in a DVD box. The cover art is quite nice too!

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PureGamer4912d ago

that dreamcast was dead lol

sonictenor4912d ago

Each time a new Dreamcast game comes out in Japan it is quickly sold out and something make the top charts. This might be one of the lasts games for the Dreamcast if not the last.

grifter0244912d ago

You think its the last game?!!! Thats funny I dont think it will stop for a while... The dreamcast is like the ps2 cheap and fun..I still have my dreamcast and I got a chip so I can play foreign games on it... and I gotta say there still bringing out nice games. Dreamcast aint dead .. it just moved to a diff place.

sonictenor4912d ago

There was a notice some days ago where it looks like SEGA will stop producing GD-ROM format discs so Last Hope (allready available), Trigger Hexelica (02-23-2007) and Karous (04-08-2007) might be the last three. Hopefully SEGA will back on this so more DC titles can keep coming.

DC RID3R4912d ago

i tells ya's!!

if the ps2 is the light, then the DC is most definately the King of the underground.

To be this good takes ages, to be this good takes sega

DonSqueak4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

I wonder why Sega deliberately mis-spelled a Japanese title, though. The Japanese bit says Karasu, which means Crows, but the Roman letters say Karous... I don't get it. But then again, who cares?