Square Enix boss: Coronavirus caused “time to stand still” and “we couldn’t develop anything”

Yosuke Matsuda, the chief executive of Square Enix, has stated in a recent interview with The Financial Times that the coronavirus pandemic has caused “time to stand still” on production of the company’s new titles.

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goldwyncq42d ago

Many of us will be too old to play FFVII Remake’s final part.

Dabigsiebowski42d ago

Tetsuya Nomura isn't the best director/story teller. It was doomed from the start. Just look how dated the overall design is of Midgard. Anyone could have done what they did for the remake.

curtain_swoosh42d ago

wow, u are delusional.
i agree with you on nomura, but hes not the only director this time.

and to say how "dated" the midgar design looks lol mate, get a grip.

andy8541d ago

Unless I'm dead I'll never be too old to game

rpvenom41d ago

Same.. I'll literally be gaming in my death bed to the very end if i can.

gintoki77742d ago

Dont see why everything had to go to a hault when Japan itself never came to a hault. Development in japan couldve went along fine.

xTonyMontana41d ago

Japan did go into lockdown briefly in certain hotspots plus companies were advised to work from home. Only so much work you can do working alone as a developer, it delayed FF14's patched content from getting released and a lot of that stuff was done before they worked from home, took them an additional month.

gintoki77741d ago

I know exactly how long it went into lockdown About a month and it wasnt even mandatory.Many companies did make you work from home. Many companies were also ill equipped to do so cause it was their first time transitioning to telework. That being said besides that month. Everything was pretty much normal.

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Inverno41d ago

Corona has the world standing still, but don't put blame on it for how unorganized you guys usually are

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The story is too old to be commented.