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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Open Beta is providing a look at the multiplayer on Xbox One X which is definitely an interesting direction for the series after Modern Warfare.

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Jin_Sakai174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

Agreed. Quick scoping still needs nerfed and weapon leveling is too slow.

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Hellcat2020174d ago

It was good
It's a purchase from me

ActualWhiteMan174d ago

Not fully sold yet. Still feel like the shooting mechanics are bad. Literally no recoil on some guns.

Kabaneri174d ago (Edited 174d ago )

They got all the improvements from MW and threw them right out the window. This game feels five years outdated. The only reason I will get it is because its the only COD on PS5. Hoping MW gets a next gen patch.

onemanwolfp4kv2174d ago

Not sure why you got a dislike. I played the open beta bc I have not pre-ordered anything and this was going to be my deciding factor. I had a pretty good time with Dirty Bomb even though I didn't have friends that played. I enjoyed some of the things they added with the perk system and making ninja a thing instead of running around like king kong lol. As good as gunplay feels/felt in MW I think it feels just as bad in CW. was not a fan of how they did kill streaks. some matches just felt like if you weren't running ghost/cold blooded you were going to get annihilated with all the UAV's and chopper gunners lol. also not a fan of taking the gun mount and the lean out. now ik my opinion doesn't mean much and I am not trying to sway someone's opinion of the game. not a day 1 game for me but if I have enough friends buy then its a possible buy from me. for now I will stay on MW.

nickanasty206174d ago

Wake me up when Call of Duty actually has destructible environments and produces a game that isn't a yearly iteration like an EA or 2K sports game.

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