How Symphony of the Night Revolutionized Castlevania

The first Castlevania game released for the PlayStation remains one of the franchise's best and enormously influential for subsequent installments.

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crazyaejay406d ago

Greatest game of all time.

Gaming4Life1981405d ago

Greatest castlevania game of all time and definitely in the top 5 right along with super metroid and zelda a link to the past.
I still gave you a like cause the game is classic and still amazing to this day.

NEXUS-6405d ago

MGS, SOTN, FF: Tactics, Point Blank and Tekken - best PS1 games for me.

Konami are sitting on a goldmine of franchises, that pachinko money must sweet though.

Godmars290405d ago

Even when the series went 3D? Nevermind that we're talking decades after the fact and no recent new entries in the series.

System_Call405d ago

Super Castlevania 4 was so good. This one so good too. The music, the action, the rpg elements. It was a masterpiece and this is why many of us are angry, because Konami is not giving the respect this series deserves. I know many of us would love to see a proper new Castlevania game.

enkiduxiv405d ago

I don't know. SoTN is great but it basically just turned a series which was excellent and unique in its own right into Metroid with a Castlevania skin. Rondo of Blood is the height of the series for me.

zacfoldor404d ago

Rondo was good, but SoTN became the quintessential example of its genre. A true GOAT.