Taking gaming seriously has paid off for Poland

The video game market is booming in emerging Europe, with highly skilled programmers and creatives leading the way in this youngest of art mediums. What’s more, the games being developed in the region are not only popular around the world – and the recipients of much critical acclaim – they are also financially successful.

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BlackIceJoe36d ago

This was a very interesting read, about how the Warsaw Stock Exchange and really putting math into schools has played into helping the Polish video game market grow.

It also talked about new emerging markets like Serbia, Estonia, Belarus, Bosnia, Herzegovina and Croatia. The article particularly talked about how Serbia is about to explode into a leading video game development market.

So when you read this, it does make you think that the first party developers and third party developers should start investing in these countries, so when these markets fully open they'll be able to bring video games out from these new up coming video game studios.

Rocosaurus36d ago

It is undoubtedly a very interesting read. I had no idea that so many well known games were developed, or are being developed, in Eastern Europe.

anast35d ago

Poland and logic are killing it right now.

Petebloodyonion35d ago

It's even more interesting when you know that GOG was created by Cd project has a way to fight piracy in Poland.

DigitallyAfflicted35d ago

I suppose mare the merrier, at the end is us gamers benefiting. With a bigger variety in games as those titles from unexpected countries bring new and fresh ideas never done before

Bebedora35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Only thing made worth mentioning is the mentality not being a part of the shit going on.
Like... Scripted stories, deadbeat to that.
But, now, they have a liason with the same element that makes games go the same route as tLoU2 did.