CDPR Talks GI vs RT Illumination in Cyberpunk 2077 and Using JALI to Automate Facial Animation

CD Projekt RED developers discussed the difference between regular GI versus ray-traced bolstered illumination in Cyberpunk 2077.

They also revealed how they've automated facial animation for all NPCs thanks to a software called JALI.

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ccgr1270d ago

Can't wait for this game!

Alexious1270d ago

You and a few dozen million gamers, at the very least

Cybermario1270d ago

hmm that is quite interesting, hope they can deliver, looking forward to this game

1270d ago

Rise Of The Rōnin Creators Talk Popular Samurai Media Like Shogun, Coincidental Timing, And Cats

Rise of the Rōnin producer Yosuke Hayashi and director Fumihiko Yasuda are watching Shogun and recommend you watch Yojimbo.

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The Reason Sega Lost The 32-Bit War? The 32X, Says Yosuke Okunari

"The company was unable to focus enough on its main hope"

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ApocalypseShadow1d 14h ago

Nope. Going back to the 32X as the reason Sega lost that generation doesn't go back far enough before the Saturn.

Sega executives need to blame themselves as to why Sega lost that generation. Not Saturn. Not 32X. Not Sega CD. Nope. Executives were the reason why. It wasn't the hardware. Those devices were either dropped early or released to soon resulting in a developer backlash the hurt the game catalog. They really shouldn't have been made at all because they should have planned their next move more carefully. It has nothing to do with the devices. Poor leadership decisions and lack of unity within the company are what happened.

Love how blame is always shifted away from what is the truth. Writing a book placing the blame on the 32X isn't the truth.

solideagle1d ago

I am pretty sure there are documentaries (Youtube) around it which highlights these points. I had Sega Mega drive and NES growing up but that's about it. I didn't even know there was a war going on between these companies but I do remember thinking why I can't play Sonic cartridge on Nintendo or Mario on Sega :D

FinalFantasyFanatic22h ago

I had the Genesis and the Saturn, also had the SNES and 64, I never got a Dreamcast for some reason, but I never saw one in the stores either.


Unicorn Overlord's Producer on the game's success and development

Push Square: "We've always been massive fans of Vanillaware here at Push Square. The talented Japanese developer has been crafting bangers for decades now, and its latest release, a gorgeous strategy RPG called Unicorn Overlord, is arguably one of its best games to date. So, when we were handed the opportunity to interview someone who's worked closely with the studio for quite some time, we simply couldn't refuse. We asked producer Akiyasu Yamamoto about the long-term relationship between publisher Atlus and Vanillaware, the developer's inner workings, and Unicorn Overlord itself."

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CrimsonWing691d 2h ago

Such a fantastic game. If you’re a Fire Emblem fan this is a must play.