Battlefield 5 Will Run at Native 4K, 60 Frames Per Second on Xbox Series X

Thanks to new info, we now know that the Battlefield 5 will run at native 4K resolution at 60 frames-per-second! On next-gen.

RaidenBlack1339d ago

Next-gen version?
It was running in back-compat mode ...

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TheScotsman1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

I cancelled it because all my games run well enough on my one x, I'm a big Xbox fan and had a pre order with microsoft directly. I didn't sell for a profit cause I'm not a scalper.
I'm a bit of an Xbox fanboy I mean my Xbox user name is xboxukgamer ffs .
Initially I was hoping for some big day one announcements but they never happened. Yet! and I can now wait till maybe halo drops.
Why any one would by a new console to exclusively play old games amazes me.

And playing a remaster like monkey island doesn't mean I would by a new pc just to play it.

TheScotsman1336d ago

And yet another inappropriate flag , how many losers are on here lol

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NEXUS-61338d ago

What a dumpster fire the BF series is, how the mighty have fallen. Good to see EA jumping into bed with ms again, it worked a treat this gen.

KyRo1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

It's not a dumpster fire though is it. BFV was a disappointment, yes but the franchise is still loved now and still has thousands of players playing each installment and it's still one of their largest IP outside of its sports titles.

There's been a lot of rumours about BF6 making sound like a big return to the modern era with BFV development stopped earlier to have all of DICEs teams working on it, I expect them to go all out after the lukewarm reception of BFV

NEXUS-61338d ago

I wrote that incorrectly - I meant to say 'what a dumpster fire BF had become', my mistake.

I didn't enjoy BF1, hated BFV - and middling hope for the next instalment.

kryteris1338d ago

bfv would have made a fine honest expansion.

NEXUS-61338d ago

kryteris - absolutely right, there's no denying the technical achievements of the BF series - it just stopped being fun.

skidmarc1338d ago

Something about the new games doesn't feel quite as fun as the previous installments. I just started replaying BF4 a few weeks ago. Much better game.

ChiefofLoliPolice1338d ago

I loved BF1 and BF4. 4 is still my fav.

StoneyYoshi1338d ago

probably due to modern weapons/setting.

skidmarc1335d ago

I think it was because of the progression system. In BF1, you earned weapon skins and various other worthless stuff. I liked working towards a new scope or hand grip in BF4.

DJStotty1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

"Good to see EA jumping into bed with ms again"

If i remember correctly it was initially Sony that rejected the idea of EA Access on the playstation, and Microsoft embraced it. EA approached both companies with the same duvet open, Microsoft were just the ones that jumped in.

Source - https://www.engadget.com/20...

NEXUS-61338d ago

I applaud Sony for holding out as long as they did - imagine paying money to demo games. No thanks.

EA backed ms this gen (didn't work out so well, did it), and they're doing the same next gen.

Another failed crystal ball session at EA.

chiefJohn1171338d ago

"imagine paying money to demo games. No thanks."
Is that what you tell yourself? Lmao whatever helps you sleep right?

blacktiger1338d ago

i can agree but did you say the word series, MY ARSE BUDDY.

NEXUS-61338d ago

Yh - and was corrected in the next comment, it was a mistake.

DJStotty1336d ago

He gets corrected a lot does our Nexus

King_Noctis1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

It just a next gen upgrade. Surely the PS5 will be capable of running this as well.

NEXUS-61338d ago

I'd be more worried about the other console getting released in November. Did you see what ms tried to pass off as a next gen game.

Sheesh - it was bad haha

RazzerRedux1337d ago

No, it is running in the same mode as current gen. BF5 on X1X was dynamic resolution up to 2160p. PS4 Pro was dynamic resolution up to 1800p. Without a patch, the games will run simply run up to peak resolution and no further.

The video referenced in the article is just a guy's impressions of XSX games. He flatly states there is no technical analysis one. Just how it "feels" to him.

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The7Reaper1338d ago

I'm sure the 5 people still playing Battlefield 5 are absolutely thrilled

spicelicka1338d ago

It's likely going to get a population boost because EA play is coming to gamepass. Smart move.

shabz6661338d ago

lol weirdly enough i recently got an lg cx and downloaded bf 5 again to finish those slogs of a war stories campaign, playing them is a chore but they look real pretty. Baffling why everything is so stealth focused in that campaign.

Father__Merrin1338d ago

bf5 is an excellent game too bad not many took to multiplayer but at least on console you will always get games must have a high player count

seanpitt231338d ago

This is the only BF game I didn’t buy I don’t like EA executives think they can say what they want and everyone will forgive and still buy there products.. not me

crazyCoconuts1338d ago

Seems like a great game to me. Are people not liking it because of the political stuff, or is there really an issue they have with the game?

Fluke_Skywalker1338d ago

It's definitely not just politics. I've been a BF fan boy since the first Bad Company and I just really didn't like BF5. Poor maps, poor weapons just overall seems like they dropped the ball. BF1 was better but still not as good as previous games.