The Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft's true endgame

Less than a month away from next-gen consoles, Microsoft’s real end goal is now the Xbox Game Pass. Their game streaming service is the true king.

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lifeisgamesok36d ago

I've never been a big fan of subscription gaming so this will only push me further to PlayStation

majiebeast36d ago

Subscription services are for idiots, you always end up paying more then when you just outright buy the product.

-Video streaming services(all that content used to be part of cable)

Microsoft just wants to make mediocre short content filled with MTX,

ApocalypseShadow36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Now now majibeast. You can't say that.

There are consumers out there who love to lease cars, houses, electronics, etc without ever OWNING these things. They are perfectly content in paying more in the hopes of the next big thing/S

Anyway, I knew Microsoft's end game from the beginning with the leaked 720 road map which became Xbox One.

Look straight at the 2015 column. Anytime, anywhere, any device?Content from the cloud?It's everything they are pushing now. Microsoft has always pushed digital over physical.

It's fast and convenient. With the side effect being that your games are connected to online at all times. Even if you download game pass games to the console, it's still connected to a service that checks 24/7 on if you're subscribed. You can't lend those games, trade them in or own them physically. Sounds straight out of DRM 2013 right? Microsoft has never abandoned the dream. Only patiently waiting for the market to accept the transition with advertising, through influencers and time where gamers won't care. Or that they think won't care like paying for online or paying to play F2P games.

The end game is the same. Just in a 2.0 package sold as an option that will eventually become the requirement. Even with Kinect failing, Fortaleza(Hololens failing at E3 against VR) and the console failing against PS4, the goal is still the same.

lifeisgamesok36d ago

I think you're right. Big budget 100 million dollar AAA games from multiple studios on a $2-15 service is a loss leader so without a big number of subscribers they'll need to balance the numbers somehow

BrainSyphoned35d ago

If I could go back and not spend 5k in the 90s on anime plus the interest from the credit cards I would in a heartbeat. Pretty sure I haven’t spent 5k on Hulu/Netflix/Prime anime combined.

Sitdown35d ago

AMC A-list is $21 for 12 movies a month, please tell me how I end up paying more when I have to wait a couple months and purchase each movie at $15 to $20 a pop.

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TheLastRun35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

PS Plus and PS Now is a subscription service on PlayStation. Does this mean it will only push you further to PC?

ApocalypseShadow35d ago

PS Plus and PS Now aren't pushed as the main way to play games like Microsoft is pushing with Game Pass or XBL. As Sony is offering games to buy at launch or any other time. The proof is in the game releases. Dozens of single player, AAA games not needing internet. Microsoft is offering a service. And no 1st party launch games. With game releases from a trillion dollar company being "sparse." X fans loved the word sparse some time back about Sony. I thought I'd use it now. And most are about connecting to XBL or the net.

Sony pushes game playing(buying games), game sharing(Share Play) game lending
Yeah. That video.

Aaron Greenberg comes out and says "Why worry about S70 games if you're subscribed to Game Pass?" Do they want you to buy games or not at any price? What about $60 dollars? Comments like his are pushing the service over buying games. And fans parroting words like, "Microsoft is offering FREE games in Game Pass." ***IT NOT FREE***

And, as we have seen from that linked document I posted, it's always been their goal to go digital and have games connected to the internet. Make software a service like they do Windows. Remember when Windows came with everything without paying extra? I do.

While Sony says they want to increase the output of high quality AAA experiences. Wouldn't make sense to release multi million dollar games on a service until after the games have sold what they are going to sell. Which is what Sony does. Spider-Man, Horizon, GOW, Ghost, TLofU2, etc would never have sold so well if they were offered in a service. You'd need millions of subscribers just to pay for the research and development of those games. Or, reduce the quality of those games with less money.

Yup. 2013's goal is still the same. Because Game Pass was going to be the next step from their always online launch idea.(look at the leaked roadmap again) It was only delayed because Sony whooped that @$$. Now, Microsoft is just grooming and influencing with money to still get to the goal. Seems to be working with all the parrots talking about "Game Pass is a great value" all the time. But at what price for the game industry if this model takes hold?

35d ago
lifeisgamesok34d ago

Sony aren't shoving those services in my face at every turn and I'm still not convinced that the size or design of the games wont change

Ausbo35d ago

It’s an option. You can still buy games both digital and physical. That will never change.

NEXUS-635d ago

Who would be happy buying ms 1st party games? They haven't been even competitive in that space for a long time.

ms knows this - and gamepass is the best solution for them.

gamer780435d ago

OR and this is just a real far fetched idea.. but just maybe, mayyyyybe, corporations don't always put all their eggs in one basket... i dunno maybe crazy talk i know... smh.

King_Noctis35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I don’t think MS force you to get Gamepass if you don’t want to. It is just an additional service, and if you don’t like it then just ignore it, go on with your day, and just purchase any game outright if you want to. So for the life of me don’t understand why people need to be against it.

Unless of course they are just fanboys, but that is another topic for another day.

ApocalypseShadow35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Think about it:

Microsoft in 2013 was going for physical DRM. The road map link leads to digital DRM with services like Game Pass. The link I posted shows the 2015 slot reading exactly what they are doing now but was delayed. Things they were considering probably around 2010-2011. Game Pass is digital DRM.

It's an option now. But so was playing online. So was F2P games until Microsoft requires XBL to play F2P games.

When do you think they'll make Game Pass a requirement? Probably when digital is more accepted over physical purchases. Then, it will be mandatory. And that's what their influencers are for. To push the message that digital DRM is okay because it's a "great value."

King_Noctis35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

“ When do you think they'll make Game Pass a requirement?“

And risk losing ton of both digital and physical sale for all their game? I don’t think you know how business work. Gamepass IS an additional service, an add-on, a subscription, and it exists along side both digital and physical sale.

agnosticgamer35d ago

lol... So offering an optional additional choice is pushing you away? Sounds like you were never a fan.

lifeisgamesok35d ago

I was a big Xbox fan but the always-online and subscription focus pushed me away on top of the games situation

strifeblade34d ago

I tried it and I prefer owning games hard copy. Love it. Introduced me to games I never thought I'd try. I also got an amazing gamepass and Guild subscription. 50% off both services for 3 years a while back. PlayStation users missing out

lifeisgamesok34d ago

I tried Gamepass last year and I really don't feel like I'm missing out on anything. I'm just glad it was easy to cancel

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System_Call35d ago

I don't see xbox taking any piece of Nintendo or Sony with gamespass. They will try, as many other initiatives have failed. They need to go with something.

itsmebryan35d ago

They are not going for Sony or Nintendo. They are going for PC, Xbox, iOS, and Android. They said they didn't need them to make their money back.

System_Call34d ago

They aren't going for Sony and Nintendo because they can't. Not because they don't want to.

cammers199534d ago (Edited 34d ago )

I refuse to pay for streaming services but gamepass is an exception. Gamepass is definitely worth it. It basically lets me trial games before I inevitably buy it.

Had I not had gamepass, I never would have discovered how great State Of Decay was and I never would have given Fallout 76 another chance (It HAS gotten better since I originally owned it a couple years ago). I never would have replayed the outer worlds but did. On the flipside I never would have discovered how dreadfully awful The Blair Witch Project was, which I almost bought at full price till I seen it was on gamepass, and I never would have seen how much I hated Wasteland 2 and 3 despite originally being interested in them.

In the long term GamePass has saved me a ton of money. Originally when it launched it wasn't a good service, but with the amount of content you get now, and how you can now bundle Gold and Gamepass for only $15 a month, its a great price.

Truplaya34d ago

And when you use the rewards program it’s free

MohammadAdam34d ago

I used to pay £5 back in PlayStation days for the demo disc, £10 for full game demos with game pass, I’m ok with that.

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