Blu-ray Sales Sail To All-Time Highs

Hollywood in high def:Further confirmation that Blu-ray sales continue to surge:
* Blu-ray had its best month of sales ever in October, with consumers buying 2.3 million discs, according to Home Media Research. That's the first time disc sales have surpassed the 2 million mark in a single month and it's nearly five times greater than the 470,000 discs purchased in October 2007.
* For the year so far, Blu-ray disc sales are running about four times higher than in 2007.
* Blu-ray disc sales have crossed the 20 million mark since the format was introduced, with 14 million of those (70%) sold this year.
* In October the 1,000 Blu-ray title was been announced for release.
And all of that is in the U.S. alone. Elsewhere the picture is even brighter in some countries such as Japan, where Blu-ray hardware sales already represent more than 50% of the total optical disc market and are expected to increase heading into the peak selling season. According to the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association, Blu-ray recorder and player shipments reached 138,000 units in the 12 months ending in September, or 107 times the previous year's tally. It also noted that Blu-ray hardware now accounts for 31% of all home entertainment recorder and player sales.
Meanwhile, back in the U.S., Wal-Mart recently announced a big expansion of its Blu-ray Disc inventories and reported a 2.4% gain in same-store sales during October.

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ThatCanadianGuy5051d ago

Well,this pretty much B*tch slaps omega4's fake article.

Omega45051d ago

Well at least my article isnt a two day old BLOG, but from SKY NEWS yes thats right a place where REAL NEWS is posted

tweaker5051d ago

Why do xbox fanboys have to be so anti-bluray?

5051d ago
UltimateIdiot9115051d ago

Well, if they weren't bitter about HD-DVD death and support for DD, then they wouldn't be much of a fanboy.

GiantEnemyCrab5051d ago

"And yet this "Blog" shows actual numbers."

With no links or references to its sources.

"Hollywood in Hi-Def: Built for Blu-ray and powered by Blu-ray Supporters"

I have no problem with Blu-ray doing great just consider that numbers can be spun.

5051d ago
ThatCanadianGuy5051d ago

I'm stupid? Yet the exact same article you contributed had nothing but good things to say about Blu-ray.And nowhere in it did it have a "Report" saying consumers were "Turned off by Blu-ray"

So two different site's saying Blu-ray is doing great and you STILL try to spin it? Wow man,wow.

PS3 FTW5051d ago

"Blu-Ray is dead"
"Blu-Ray won't last until 2009"
"Blu-Ray had been dead for a while"

Where are all those guys now? Watching old HD-DVDs on their external 360 drives

poopsack5051d ago

lol just be reading you can feel omega jumping in his seat.

SixTwoTwo5051d ago


Omega45051d ago (Edited 5051d ago )

Spin what!? What did i spin??

The title on the report clearly says "Consumers Find Blu-Ray A Turn-Off" what do you expect me to do eh!!?? Make my own title saying Bluray is doing fine!!!?? Well that would be lying and the title would of just been changed back to the original one which i put

And when have i EVER said i hate bluray or that i want it to fail?? Please quote me whenever i have said anything that could make you think i do!!

Just because i support the 360 doesnt mean i automatically hate Bluray because i dont!! Since its just a disc format anyway

"I'm stupid?" Yes YOU ARE!!!!! Because your a blind PS3 fan who jumps to conclusions just to start an argument!!

xhi45051d ago



but yeah is it really a suprise that blu-ray is doing well? Its the next format, the only one to support true HD, its like saying when VHS was out and DVD was just entering the market that DVD would never make it.........stupid


she00win995050d ago

do you have a down syndrome or something?

Danja5050d ago

So I guess this makes the other Blu Ray article..irrelevant..

December sales are gonna be through the rood..Dark Knight...!!

already pre-ordered my copy...

ThatCanadianGuy5050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

Why are you still spinning?

""Your best attempt at countering a news story from Sky New which was written by an actual entertainment correspondant is by a BLOG on a site which is "Built for Blu-ray and powered by Blu-ray Supporters""

Both site's said Blu-ray is doing good.Why are you trying to spin this site? Because it actually shows numbers? because it doesn't have a misleading title? I don't understand.

Even tho the article you posted was purely Pro-Blu-ray you made that article seem Anti-Blu-ray (Thats called spinning).Nobody forced you to use the flamebait headline you chose.YOU chose to yourself.Because your a 360 fanboy.You enjoy pissing off PS3 owners whether you want to admit it or not.

And before you go lashing out calling me a PS3 fanboy.Atleast i own both consoles.
(2nd 360 by the way)

That's more then you can say..

UnwanteDreamz5050d ago

B b but Bluray is dieing MS told me that DD was gonna kill it. Oh noes!


Omega45050d ago

"That's more then you can say.."

Actually its nots, as much as i hate to admit I own a 360, 60GB (yes one of the originals) PS3, Wii and a DS. Oh i while i dont own it my bro also has a 40GB PS3 as well so thats 2 PS3s in my house

So having more than one console doesnt make you any less of the PS3 fan that you are. And for the record the only real reason i have a PS3 is to play my PS2 games in HD, FFXIII and to some small extent bluray

shovelbum5050d ago

Well I picked up a handful of titles today so I'm doing my part but the prices still need to drop for it to really take hold of consumers.

jadenkorri5050d ago

sales for blu ray compared to dvd when it was released against vhs are much higher, so by all means blu ray is doing better... On top of that, any fanboy expecting blu ray to outsell dvd at this point is an idiot, dvd players are common in every freaking home in the world, so naturally by common sense dvd will always outsell bluray.... I would bet a million dollars that if sony didn't put blu ray in the ps3, these articles wouldn't be here cause of stupid retarded fanboys... This site is losing out to fanboys and gets worst every day.... Every day i see articles of people posting this sh!t, or blogs of people making things up about problems with Fallout 3 on the ps3 (as an example) and recommending everything but the ps3 version....fanboys listen closely, ps3 heres to stay, 360 here to stay, and the wii is here to stay, and shall i dare say it, so is blu grow some testicles, go out, get laid, come back, and if you still feel the need to make crap up, well go right ahead....

PimpHandHappy5050d ago

owned by Fox?

because really if your talking real news FOx News would not be where i look

ThanatosDMC5050d ago

When you stated that you use your PS3 to play PS2 game in HD, all ready destroys your credibility in owning a PS3.

The PS3 stretches the resolution of a PS2 game. Just like a PS2 would stretch the game in order to fill the screen with the help of the TV. Sorry, but that was just wrong.

Also, you forgot to mention owning a PSP. ::nudge nudge:: FAIL

SaiyanFury5050d ago

Heh despite the media's articles talking about how BD failed, the actual numbers show the difference. BD is on the rise and I assume it will continue. Digital distribution? No doubt it's the ultimate future when all of us have the bandwidth but when most of us don't have 20mbps as a connection speed, it's bunk.

SonyOwnsNextYear5050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

i have 40 bluray movies so far.

I laughed everytime i read one of those brd is dead articles. Clearly these "experts" have not experienced a bluray movie in all its glory.

If microsoft spent all this viral marketing money on creating better hardware and software, they wouldnt be burning in rrod flames right now

funny thing is bluray is kicking ass up and down these charts.......and DARK KNIGHT IS NOT EVEN OUT YET.

oh and look omega4 is giving out free bubbles!! just take em from him.

Now is the time when we should silence all these 360 fanboys, just like they did to ps3 fans in 2006. hddvd failed, zune failed, vista, rrod. when will they go away with their crap hardware?

NickIni5050d ago

"Well at least my article isnt a two day old BLOG, but from SKY NEWS yes thats right a place where REAL NEWS is posted"

Yours was a BLOG on Sky News. Just because it's on Sky doesn't mean it's right, and when sources all over the internet say otherwise, it's evidentially wrong.

Just passing by5050d ago

Before you keep posting (all of us) Lets Read this: http://bits.blogs.nytimes.c...

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UltimateIdiot9115051d ago

Just wait till they post November's sale record. I've seen a lot of awesome Black Friday deals on bluray.

Max Power5051d ago

once "The Dark Knight" is release on Blu-Ray in December.

Raptors5050d ago

Im getting the Matrix trilogy on Blu Ray for Christmas and Dark Knight of course in a few days. For me its never been about PS3 versus 360 (I am blessed to own both), its about quality of picture. While some upconverting dvd players do a really good job it just doesn't stack up to the picture of a blu ray movie. Are the mainstream gonna adopt it? who knows. But i know that they're very impressive and i pray the price comes down a bit more so I can re-buy some of the classics I already own.

doshey5051d ago (Edited 5051d ago )

so bluray is not wanted after all, ya right this just proves everyone wrong

shawnsl655050d ago

who is this "everyone"? don't mix people with a logical mind with people who do not.

Roukuko5050d ago

it was uploaded by omega4 what do you expect

The Killer5050d ago

by the bots to do damage control on blue ray excellent success.

they dream for blue ray to fail so they can say ps3 is not worth the price because BD is dead! they rather stuck in the past with DVD just so they can lough on ps3 owners!

its sad to see people want to go to the past

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5050d ago (Edited 5050d ago )

I'm sure the Blu-ray & PS3 haters(i.e the xBots PONDLIFE KING RATS on this)said Blu-ray would fail??? They are WRONG AGAIN!!!;)

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mpmaley5051d ago

Just watch December obliterate November.