Another Indie Dev Suggests Sony's Denying PS Store Sale Requests

You’d think Sony would be all too happy to discount PlayStation Store games at a developer’s request, but Push Square been hearing for a few weeks now that the Japanese giant is being, well, less than helpful in that department.

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solideagle2d ago

lol that is hilarious because PS store has so many sales that there was an article complaining about the sales.

I guess you cannot make everyone happy! :)

porkChop2d ago

This is a bit different though. If a dev wants to put their games on sale they should be able to. It's weird considering Sony has been pushing sales pretty much every week.

P_Bomb2d ago

The more the merrier. How many times can you discount Assassins Creed Odyssey while denying Lucas Pope with a straight face?

bouzebbal2d ago

Oh well, another day another hate article from pushzero

TheRealTedCruz2d ago


So they're not allowed to report that a small studio is being given issue to put their own game on a sale?
By the storefront they pay a nice percentage to for each copy sold?

Developer denied power over their own title, and you melt it down to a simple hit piece.

morganfell1d 12h ago (Edited 1d 12h ago )

"So they're not allowed to report that a small studio is being given issue to put their own game on a sale?"

The issue is the reporting is misleading. This may not be intentional. But the truth is no one has all of the facts in the case. When someone says, "This doesn't make any sense" they should stop and ask themselves if it is a company being stupid, which is entirely possible for any corporation, or could it be that there is something else at play to which we in the public are not privy. An indy developer making a post does not carry with it the engendered characteristic of absolute honesty. I am simply saying all of the facts may not be in and denying a sale may be due to undisclosed factors that do not paint the developer in the best light. Or it could be as simple as a sale costs Sony more than they are currently making on the title at non-sale prices. What does the contract state about sales splits with Sony? We do not know. People can make an assumption but the honest truth is that isn't within the public purview. Is there a ratio scale? Were there any agreements about a certain number of sales affecting various moves in regard to price adjustments? We do not know. We can guess, we can think we know but truthfully this story is an iceberg and we are only seeing a small portion of the developer's view sticking up above the surface.

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NeoGamer2322d ago

You would think that the devt or publisher who built the game could control the price of said game.

These kinds of policies are very backwards. Platform stores have become far too powerful whether it is Apple, Google, Microsoft or Sony. Store should facilitate developer's and publisher's sales not road blocks to sales,

Elda2d ago

It seems whenever there's a PSN sale on games it's usually the same games on sale over & over with the exception of a couple of different titles thrown in every so often.

Rebel_Scum2d ago

I’ve suspected something like this was happening. I’ve got about 5 indie games that have been in my wishlist since 2018 and theyve never been on sale. Really annoying.

Yi-Long2d ago

Same. Tokyo 42 never seems to go on sale.

Inverno2d ago

There are games that came out at the start of the generation, that've been on sale on Steam many times that never seen a discounted price on PSN. Now I ain't trying to be cheap, but I find it very odd.

jairusmonillas2d ago

Funny how It's always resetera source when it comes to anti ps5 news. lol

Kiwi662d ago

So you'd be happier if was reported by another site ?

Rude-ro2d ago

If what was “started”?

solidsheep2d ago

This is an issue on the Switch where 99 cent games are flooding the deals section.

--Onilink--1d 8h ago (Edited 1d 8h ago )

Well thats a bit different because the overall shop experience on the eshop is extremely flawed, so there is a point in which discounting the game is the only way to actually give it visibility because of how limited the eshop is filtering and highlighting stuff

ziggurcat2d ago

Oh, you mean like that other dev that whined about his game not showing up in a search despite the fact that it actually did, 5 letters in, and was the top search result?

DonDon30001d 11h ago

noun: strawman


an intentionally misrepresented proposition that is set up because it is easier to defeat than an opponent's real argument.

Sgt_Slaughter1d 9h ago

What does any of that have to do with this issue?

Stay on topic, you might learn something.

ziggurcat1d 8h ago

It's an example of an indie dev complaining about something that probably didn't really happen or the dev is resorting to hyperbole to exacerbate what actually happened.

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