Report: Sony Removes "Holiday 2020" Mention on PS5 Page for Most South East Asian Countries

The PS5 South East Asia release seems to have been pushed back from its original Holiday 2020 release per Sony's official website.

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RpgSama7d ago

Holiday over them might mean another completely different set of months, that's why they are removing "Holiday".

excaliburps7d ago

Um, no. Holidays for South East Asia is the same as the rest of the world...

DarXyde7d ago

I live in the ASEAN region. It really depends on where you are. These countries don't have any major holidays during that time—holidays are very frequent throughout the year and the long holiday seasons are generally early in the year. The region is very theravada Buddhist, so Christmas is another day here.

It could mean that we're getting it late, or it could just be a matter of "holidays" not applying to the region.

7d ago
justsomeoffdude6d ago

Why am I not surprised? The sony reps in those countries are purely shite heads.. they do ABSOLUTELY nothing to market/push sony products. To them its just a job that pays the bills and nothing more. Even the dualshock 4 back button attachment isn't available in malaysia. I won't be surprised if most gamers in the region get their ps5s from singapore, those reps there know what they're doing.

WeaseL6d ago

May be high pre-orders in other regions forced their hand