Why Capcom Should Bring Back Darkstalkers

KeenGamer: "Capcom has released many Street Fighter games, but one of their fighting game franchises is often overlooked. To the dismay of many fans, Darkstalkers has been mostly abandoned by Capcom. Let's go over the reasons why this beloved franchise deserves another run."

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Godmars290714d ago

if they do they need to use more animated graphics than the stagnant ones they've been using since SF4.

JayRyu714d ago

Yes, please!

A DarkStalkers with Street Fighter V animation quality would be awesome!

Bring back X-Men children of the Atom too!

Unknown_Gamer5794714d ago (Edited 714d ago )

Yes! Its animated and horror-themed aesthetic and characters make for a unique take on the genre. I'm imagining such a game, but built for the PS5 and XSX/XSS and loving it.