Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War console players are turning off crossplay to escape PC cheaters

Pc cheaters at it again
As you'd expect, with cheating already coming to the fore, console Black Ops Cold War players are disabling crossplay with PC to avoid cheaters.

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ThereGoThatManQ1067d ago

Yup this is why I’ll never go pc

Jin_Sakai1067d ago

Everyone wanted crossplay so bad this is what you get.

It should always be crossplay between consoles only!

Premonition1067d ago

I’m afraid you meant cross play between consoles. No one said they wanted it with PC players

Jin_Sakai1067d ago

“I’m afraid you meant cross play between consoles. No one said they wanted it with PC players“

Did anyone really think they’d leave PC out of crossplay? We knew this would happen and this is one reason I was against it.

UnholyLight1067d ago

My bros keep giving me so much crap for having a ROG gaming laptop but preferring console gaming ESPECIALLY for FPS games like CoD or BF, and then wonder why this is the case for me.

I have always found FPS games on PC to be so full of cheaters and twitchy 9000 Sensitivity tryhards that I just can't. Their response is always "well...getgud son"

TheEnigma3131067d ago

Fps is probably the worst to play with pc players as far as cheating goes.

Sunny123451067d ago

I play on ps4, and I have some pc friends I like to play with. Though In warzone we encounter cheaters once per 5 match average. I wish there was some better system than sbmm to filter out cheaters. They ruin it for everyone.

demonseye1067d ago

there is anti-cheat software. something cods lack heavily. also they only account ban players on a free to play game..... you know they can make an endless supply of accounts without ever worrying.

StoneyYoshi1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

There is a whole account two factor authentication they also need to go through now which requires a unique phone number each time. It mitigates some people but not all of them. So if they get banned they need to buy the game again if they play MP too, create a new account and do another 2 factor authentication with a different number. People will still do it but this helped a lot when they implemented it. CS:GO does this for their ranked playlists.

Limitedtimestruggle1067d ago

Low-life cheaters. I just don't get it.

BigBosss1067d ago

Who the hell hacks on a beta lol

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