PS5 Black DualSense Controller and Testing Kit Seen In New Images

Sony has trademarked a testing kit for the PS5 and a DualSense Controller with a black color scheme in new images seen on the FCC website.

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Jin_Sakai7d ago

I just don’t like the all black. The two tone black and white looks so much better.

SullysCigar7d ago

Same, but at least it will shut people up that complain lol

morganfell7d ago

And same here. I like the Star Trek/ Space Odyssey futuristic white with black accents color scheme.

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Obelisk927d ago

Nah. Total black looks sexy AF.

UnSelf7d ago

i need that all black now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheScotsman7d ago

Yeah I'd like a black controller to, not keen on the white as I'm very dirty at work and no matter how much I wash I still have ground in dirt so my white controller will be horrendous lol

porkChop7d ago

It shouldn't be all black. Like even the buttons and dpad are completely blacked out. It looks weird. Give the buttons some colour and make the dpad, touch pad, and triggers a dark grey.

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RaidenBlack7d ago

That Stealth Black DualSense looks wicked.

jBlakeeper7d ago

The black and white suits the look of the PS5 way better than all black. It makes it look futuristic and stylish.

Shezgear7d ago

Ill spray paint my console all black anyway. Suits my livingroom better

Shiro1737d ago

U won't have too. They will sell colored ps5 side panels.

Games1st7d ago (Edited 7d ago )

Everything inside should be black too.

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The story is too old to be commented.