Dino Crisis Remake Concept Re-Imagined by a Fan and It Looks Amazing

Dino Crisis is a classic IP by Capcom that hasn't been seen in action for two generations, so a fan has shared a concept on how a remake might look for it.

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ApocalypseShadow960d ago

Looks pretty good. Lighting being the obvious. I'd give it a go.

Sonic-and-Crash959d ago (Edited 959d ago )

I really hope Capcom DOnt transfom this awesome IP into another FPS parody ala RE 7 ...the concept art looks good though environments need color for better emotions and atmosphere

Gamerking82959d ago

Resi 7 was amazing and one of the best games in VR ever. So your loss.

zsquaresoff959d ago

That looks really good, hope someone from Capcom see's this and green light a Dino Crisis remake.

xTonyMontana959d ago

This needs VR support, would be mindblowing in VR

throne959d ago

looks good, I remember when someone did a concept of RE2 remake and it ended up becoming a real game....hopefully capcom picks this up to.

Knightofelemia959d ago

If Capcom were to remake a franchise I love hopefully its the full game and not a half baked game like the RE3 remake.

BlackIceJoe959d ago

I still can't believe Capcom hasn't brought out a new game in years and it is high time for a sequel or remake for Dino Crisis.