Tretton: PS3 Expectations "Unrealistic"

In a recent interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly, Sony Computer Entertainment America president Jack Tretton says high expectations for the PlayStation 3 have been a hurdle for the company.

With over 110 million units shipped worldwide, the PS2 has proven to be a tough act to follow.

As reported in an interview excerpt at EGM's online sibling 1UP, Tretton says, "Because we're in that leadership position, there are a lot of expectations thrust upon us and some of them are a little unrealistic."

He continues, "If we were a distant third in the platform race, people would have a warm spot in their hearts for the good old days of PlayStation and they'd actually root for us to get back on top. But I don't know if we want to pay the price to get that kind of [love]."

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Grown Folks Talk4912d ago

are due to your E3 2005 "marketing" tactics. if you promise the world, people don't want a continent. with that being said, the PS3 will still do very well in the long run.

THE TRUTH4912d ago

This story has already been posted (6 hours ago):

Hipster4912d ago

Wasn't the PS3 supposed to be a media centre for the living room? I thought that may have meant i could browse my home network, play my mp3's from another pc, play movies stored on the network, look at pictures over the network... etc etc etc.

At this point my PS3 is for playing a couple games and watching Blue-ray movies that i've already seen... I wish it could do more, and i will be looking forward to the continuous improvements which Sony will be issuing via firmware updates, eventually, i won't feel so ill everytime I think about how much it cost...?

MikeGdaGod4912d ago (Edited 4912d ago )

If you want to stream media from your pc to your ps3, just go to You can do it all from there. (Wii too)

Monchichi0254912d ago

Look at the Sony folks backtracking on all the lies they feed gamers. Do they expect us to have sympathy for them????? NO!!! I too once was a Sony fan, but I'm now glad that they are in such a desperate stage. I now HATE Sony and will never ever buy anything with a Sony name on it.

On a Happy note....I just connected my 360 with my PC yesterday and....WOW!!!!! I love my 360 more and more everyday. I am sooo glad I "jumped In" and would advise any Sony fan to do it as well as the 360 is far better then anything Sony had to offer. Games especially!!!

DJ4911d ago

With a PS3 you don't even need to own a PC. You just play the media directly on your console. Isn't that amaaaazingg?! =P

PS360WII4912d ago

Umm speaking in terms of this generation yes you are in a distant third not if.

Oh and connecting your console to a pc is nice but really why say you don't need a computer anymore when you still need a PC to have your console connect to?

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The story is too old to be commented.