New Bandai Namco Trademark May Mean a New Tales of Game

Bandai Namco has trademarked a new title, Tales of Luminara, and we're hyped for it. We also have updates on Tales of Arise, which may be coming sooner than we thought.

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Knightofelemia11d ago

I'm hyped love the Tales series just hope its not another shitty cellphone game like Crestoria.

phoenixwing11d ago

I'd say the chances are pretty high it'll be mobile. I'd like to be pleasantly surprised and have it be a console game though.

Knightofelemia11d ago

You might be right next console version is Tales is Arise

Michiel198910d ago

Let's hope its a switch game then.

phoenixwing10d ago

If it's a switch game I'd like that since I have a lite lol

Michiel19899d ago

anything better than a mobile (propably gacha) game ;)

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10d ago
jznrpg10d ago

Hopefully a next gen only console game and not shit phone game.

KDblack10d ago

Fingers crossed. They already have three mobile games.

GameBoyColor10d ago

All of them flopped too, I don't get it. They release and shut them down so fast it cant be making them enough to justify more

AnnaDea10d ago

I think an early January release is incoming.

jznrpg10d ago

I hope Arise comes that soon !

KDblack9d ago

That would be awesome! It's been ages since we got a new Tales game. Mobile gacha games don't count.

ecchiless10d ago

i would love a tales mmorpg

KDblack10d ago

That would be interesting! I don't think they've tackled something like that before. One of the main appeals of the franchise is its creative worldbuilding and character development, so I wonder how they'd apply that to an MMO.

jznrpg10d ago

I’d buy that . As long as it isn’t MT pay to win crap on mobile .

autobotdan9d ago

Yeah I already have Tales of Arise preordered since last year