Xbox Series X predicted to have double the sales of PlayStation 5 by Christmas

One of the first prognosticators out of the gate is the SEO firm The Hoth.

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NealGamby11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Haha. That's funny. I remember when I had MY first beer.

morganfell11d ago

Really funny. The First look at the PS5 User expereince just premiered. On the PS Youtube channel it already has 8.6M views. HALO Infinite only has 1.2M on the Xbox Channel. The PS5 Hardware reveal was 4 months ago and has almost 34M views. The World Premier trailer for the series X was 10 months ago and only has 14 Million views.

darthv7211d ago

....because YT stats are the end all be all.


Jin_Sakai11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

“because YT stats are the end all be all.”

Common sense is the end all be all.

YouTube views are a good indication of popularity. YouTube aside, PS5 hype is off the charts.

Be sure to bookmark this article so we can all laugh come Christmas.

morganfell11d ago

They are a valid statistic that demonstrates interest. It is the second most popular social media site. In the US over 90% of internet users age 18 to 44 visit YouTube. Statistics show that 62 percent of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content. YouTube analytics of which views are a part have shown themselves to be quite reliable and with hundreds of millions to over a billion dollars on the line google has exercised enormous effort to insure the accuracy of that particular data. As an Xbox supporter you just do not like what that data reveals. But facts do not care what you prefer.

travestyj11d ago

And the PS5 UI video has 9 million views already after 2 days which is insane.

SullysCigar11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Seems to me someone at this firm took a bung so that Microsoft can get this headline... I hope it lasts while they find new employment!

ALL other indicators point to PS5 being on top. Short of torpedoes taking out the ships containing PS5s, I can't see how this could happen lol

Unless Xbox worked out a way to produce treble the units PS can, which is doubtful in a global pandemic..

morganfell10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


The UI video is the PlayStation User Experience I listed above. At the time I noted it the count was 8.6M. When you posted it was 9M. It is now at 9.3M. It has gained 800k views in 11 hours and this is days after it premiered. The PS5 is the wanted console.

It is true and I will say this here that whoever can manufacture the most will lead the season. I posted previously that we won’t start to get a picture of demand until supplies stabilize around March.

It is insignificant but I know my local GameStop initially got 12 PS5s. 8 were disc and 4 were Digital. One of those disc units is mine. For the Xbox they only received 6 units with 4 being Series X and 2 being Series S. They then got a second wave of PS5s consisting of 6 units with a 4/2 disc to digital split. So that is on the whole an 18 to to 6 or 3 to 1 sales ratio. My local manager told me all stores on her district spreadsheet received the same ratio of allocations but not the same number totals. And of course at this time unbeknownst to everyone MS was deep into negotiations with GameStop.

DarXyde10d ago


I think you can take away plenty from YouTube stats. People bloody live on YouTube globally. They are more likely—by FAR—to consume content they are very interested in. It's not at all unreasonable to suggest that YouTube views are a very reasonable indicator, especially when YouTube is essentially the universal social media that people very often use other social media to share YouTube links to.

Obviously, sales are going to be impacted by availability, but I should also mention that assuming quantities are equal, Series X has a chance of outselling PS5 due to financing options laid out by Microsoft (which Sony is not doing) and the US is getting hammered pretty hard.

WillyC00910d ago


You’re as delusional as this man if you think Xbox is going to outsell PlayStation. The chances of that are pretty much nil lol.

Godmars29010d ago

More like because the PS brand has worldwide appeal versus Xbox's largely US and part of Europe.

Chevalier10d ago


"....because YT stats are the end all be all."

Weird you guys seem to accept any BS metrics for Gamepass and don't ask for sales numbers, but, history suggest that Playstation will outsell Xbox like usual and these are indicators, but, don't fit your narrative so you're going to ignore them. The idiocy continues.

bouzebbal10d ago

Good xbox have a good sense of optimism and humor at the same time


It has to be a joke or the "firm" its a joke! they based their entire study on google trends results. But they only used data for the term "playstation 5". If you use the term "ps5" it gets a trend like 5 times bigger than the series x.

morganfell10d ago

Already at 9.5M views in two days.

BlackTar18710d ago

No one said they are the end all be all.

Don't be Darth

FanboysKiller10d ago

I'm an xbox guy but have to admit that sony is playing scarce game to push more people into buying their product , that's called fomo.

gamer780410d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yes put all your faith in google... lol. Not saying Xbox will outsell ps5 but yikes

morganfell10d ago

It isn’t about faith it is about statistics. Then again when facts become inconvenient just scream conspiracy.

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notachance11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

xbox isn't even sold officialy in my country while ps and nintendo does, and it's true in many other countries as well.

it's like saying a baby who crawls will have double the time of a kid who can run

bruh at least sell it somewhere else other than europe and US first before pulling number outta ur arse

SullysCigar11d ago

Your user name is the perfect reply to the title of this article!

10d ago
TheScotsman11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

The guy doing that analysis has had a few more than one beer, to the point of having hallucinations lol

Bathyj11d ago

Perhaps they should put a nipple on it.

lelo2play11d ago

I hated MY first bear.

... and nooooo, I don't believe the Xbox Series X will have double the sales of PS5.

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itsmebryan10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I think both systems will sell out till next year regardless of what fanboys say. Whichever one ships the most systems will sale the most. Atleast in the US.

kneon10d ago

But it's true!!! They just forgot to mention that they were only talking about sales to xbox employees.

NeoGamer23210d ago

If PS5 does not outsell XB Series by a 3:1 margin I would be really surprised. The only thing that will affect whether a 3:1 margin happens is supply of the consoles.

1Victor10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

🙄Well it could happen if the rumors of Microsoft jacking the PS5 production lines windows computers and making them work on reverse 😂

/JK/S/#4K update/#games are coming

CyberSentinel10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Only if PS5 stock is extremely limited.

I need 3 PS5s just for Christmas presents!

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crazyCoconuts11d ago

shouldn't all stock be sold out through xmas? if so sales = supply, As to XSX having twice the demand i say emphatically LOL

Agent_00_Revan11d ago

Unless Microsoft hijacks all of Sony shipments, there's no way this is even possible let alone probable.

crazyCoconuts11d ago

The GameStop conspiracy! MS partnered up with them and now they're going to be dumping PS5s in the river! ;-)

SickSinceSix11d ago

Time to get a job at Gamestop and "help" them dump PS5s

kneon10d ago


Well if they want to dump PS5's in the river that's up to them, Sony will get paid for them regardless.

RaidenBlack11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

PS5 will edge out this Holiday.
But it'll be interesting see next year's Holiday sales charts. Both systems would've been out for a whole year.
All cards will be on the table.
(Taking any New Nintendo console out of the equation.)

savedsynner10d ago

Honestly, until Micro bough Bethesda, this looked like another solid console from Micro that will fall behind Sony. Assuming ES6 will at least be a timed exclusive, I could see that convincing alot of gamers to go microsoft. Still, Playstation has basically been king of the more graphical intense gaming console for 4 generations in a row, starting with the PS1.

Everyone lost to the Wii but it was aimed at everyone .

JustTheFax10d ago

@savedsynner What? No they didn't. N64 was more graphically intense than PS1. Xbox and GC more graphically intense PS2. X360 arguably was more graphically intense on most games than ps3. Only ps4 was better, and for half a gen until Xbox one X came out.

VariantAEC10d ago

Yes because we're also going to conveniently forget all of Zenimax's failures and Bethesda's broken games because reasons.
Both of those publishers have hits to be sure but how many are top sellers? How many sold ten to 15 million units within a console generation? How many sell more?
Not many even though they release on the everything but phones and Nintendo devices.
7.5 billion. Are these companies playing MS like a fiddle so the corporate heads can retire early or have a hefty lifeboat for their families? I wonder?

edwardmde11d ago

They should have tried adding ’PS5’ to the search terms. Paints a very different picture.

lazyboyblue10d ago

Lol good spot. Makes a major difference.

Nuclearmoon10d ago

😂 They need to update their graphs now

andy8510d ago

It's even more dominant if you change it to worldwide. Even the term 'playstation 5' is higher overall on that one

Khalina10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Add "Playstation" and "Xbox". Then "Xbox" is double over "Playstation", as well as over "PS5". Either way, search terms don't mean sales, nor do YouTube views or any other such indirect metric. Realistically all supply will be sold through Christmas for both consoles, so sales will depend solely on how many units they have ready and shipped out.

edwardmde10d ago


That’s because ‘Xbox’ on google trends will also include the results for things like ‘Xbox Series S’, ‘Xbox Series X’, ‘Xbox One’ etc. ‘PS4’ alone beats all occurrences of ‘Xbox’ when you search worldwide.

Either way, the point is that the article is based on absolute nonsense.

Khalina7d ago

That's why I said compare "xbox" and "playstation". Xbox is double over "playstation". Both include Xbox One, and PS4, and Series X and PS5. But surely you wouldn't argue that Xbox One is so much more popular over PS4, would you? Even a Sony brownnoser like you, wouldn't be that deluded. The dislikes on my other comment also prove how much a Sony brownnosing dump this place is. I literally only stated facts, but these Sony fluffers can't even accept that. For the record, I don't like Xbox, but I am not deluded, like you lot.

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iplay1up211d ago (Edited 11d ago )

Can not pre order either one of them right now. BOTH SOLD OUT! That probably means ALL AVAILABLE STOCK for BOTH systems will sell out through the Holiday! It will depend on which company has the MOST STOCK AVAILABLE!

If more PS5 are available Series X loses, and if more Series X are available, PS5 will lose.

That is what it truly boils down to!

phoenixwing11d ago

You may be right but who can make the most has yet to be decided

MrNinosan11d ago

Here in Sweden you can still order Series X and get it on release, but maybe you mean in US?

pinkyxyz10d ago

Ands there's the answer. Sold out just means us only


Where can you get Series X in Sweden?


All pre-order are booked since a few days after pre-order released. If you pre-order now you will not get the Series X until December at best. Series S however can still be pre-ordered in many stores for the November 10th release.

Darthpaul8410d ago

If you don’t mind me asking can you tell me a retailer that has the series x for preorder? Because I just looked at every retailer I know of in Sweden and there isn’t a series s or x available. I’d like to get one

glopez10d ago

He not going to answer. Just saying things so the people on n4g give him praise. That's all 😂

Darthpaul8410d ago

Thank you Krussidull
You just might have made a little girl very happy on her bday

MrNinosan9d ago

My sister order 2 days ago. My order is from 2-3 weeks ago.
Both through all access but it’s a bow whatsoever.

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