Remembering The Classics: The Xbox Podcast Featuring Tim Schafer

Xbox writes: "The Legendary Tim Schafer stops by the Xbox Podcast and talks with Major Nelson about the Classic LucasArts Remasters coming to Xbox Game Pass"

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SullysCigar10d ago

These games have aged terribly. There's still some humour there, for sure, but it's a slog between those points. No doubting they were awesome back in the day, but man, don't waste your time.

Dudeson10d ago

Gotta disagree on this. These games are gems and didn't even need the remakes to still be enjoyable! Grim fandango especially is a great game that I would encourage everyone to try when you are in a mood to game with your feet kicked up, seat in lounge mode and want to have a laugh.

TheRealTedCruz10d ago

I also disagree.
I watched a playthrough of Grim, back in the day, so never made a point to play it; but I highly enjoyed going through the remasters of Full Throttle, and DotT, having never played the originals.

No nostalgia involved. I just thought they were highly entertaining experiences.

Wretchedstain9d ago

I have a real appreciation for the 'Day of the tentacle' remaster, it was and still is a masterpiece to me. How everything ties in and how it was written was so well thought out. Took me weeks to figure it all out and finish the game back in the early 90's, and once I did, I could speed run it and finish it in under an hour (let alone all the time sunk in to finish it).

peteymcpickle9d ago

Schafer: Remember when I used to make good games and wasn't a huge asshole!?