Microsoft extends Xbox Elite Controller warranty amid hardware problems

Microsoft has extended the warranty on the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 amid a lawsuit and complaints over glitches.

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Okay, now extend the warranty of the base Xbox controllers as well. Sony offers a 1 year warranty on their controllers. Microsoft should do so as well.

porkChop341d ago

I didn't know they didn't. How long is the controller warranty?

Mariusmssj341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

90 days. Like I have never seen a warranty shorter than a year before

porkChop341d ago

Wow. 90 days is something I've only seen on refurbished products.

badz149341d ago

What is MS doing? Are all those people saying their controllers are fine despite hundreds of hours of gaming and should be the case for everybody else too are lying? Their controllers aren't perfect or sturdy or not prone to damages?

porkChop341d ago

What are you even trying to say here?

badz149341d ago

nothing...just recalling the comments in the earlier articles calling people out as lying when they said anything about the drift issue and other problems of the elite controller.

but how the hell did they get away with only giving 3 months warranty in the first place?? My LG 4KTV backlight was out after 3 years of use. out of warranty, I went to an independent repair shop and even gave me 6 months warranty for it. 90 days warranty is like for something China made knockoff electronics LOL.

Ausbo341d ago

Can’t wait for Microsoft to send me my $100 back for fixing my elite 2

Aussiesummer341d ago

Mine has been working fine (though I don't use it a tonne) but now I can hear something rattling around inside it, like a little peice is loose in there. I hope it doesn't get worse.