Fifteen Years Later, Shadow of the Colossus Still Feels Huge

Shadow of the Colossus , released on October 18, 2005, made us rethink what a video game can be, and Kow Otani’s soundtrack left a powerful imprint on an already impactful experience.

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GaboonViper245d ago

A true one of a kind game, a timeless classic.

solideagle245d ago

I remember I bought it for PS2 thinking it looks like an RPG. I had never seen its trailer and those days internet was not very fast in my country. I popped in the disk and started thinking looks ok there is horse and sword, cannot combo. the moment first colossus appeared, my jaw dropped.
One of the best gaming moment of my life. This is why I prefer not too watch too many trailers...I had similar experience with Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant/God of War/FF X/Okami and many more...

GaboonViper245d ago

Agree mate, PS2 is the undisputed champ, so many great gaming memories.

Ninver245d ago

God of war and metal gear solid did it for me mate. Fell in love with playstation from that day.

SullysCigar245d ago

Yup, every time you first encounter a new colossus was so daunting and yet killing them felt so sad.

fewDankMemes245d ago

Feels like it’s been 15 years since it went on sale. I missed it when it was a ps plus game and I’ve checked every sale since and still nothing :(

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camel_toad245d ago

And an absolutely perfectly fitting sound track.

Pancit_Canton245d ago

I can't wait to play this again on PS5.

LucasRuinedChildhood245d ago

The PS4 Pro version had a 60fps performance mode as well so you'll have a 60fps option on PS5.

EmperorDalek245d ago

One of the very best games of all time.

245d ago
Inverno245d ago

Games from the PS1 and and 2 era have been a source of practically endless discoveries and conversations. SoTC and ICO are 2 games I can truly call masterpieces.

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